a la mode releases free UAD Reader

Added: September 14, 2011

a la mode, inc., the dominant market share leader in the appraisal technology sector, announced its “UAD Reader” product today. UADReader is a free desktop tool which allows anyone to open, view, error-check, and manage appraisals in the new “UAD” MISMO 2.6 XML format. It works with any UAD-formatted appraisal, regardless of which software was originally used to create the… Click to view

Why does your appraisal software crash more than ever?

Added: August 18, 2011

With the mandatory UAD updates, the industry is full of complaints about some software vendors' latest versions crashing all the time. But the jump in crashes didn't start with the UAD — it just made it worse, and drew more attention to a long-standing problem. In fact, ask around and you'll see that over the last couple of years, since… Click to view


20 Ways TOTAL 2010 Differs From Aurora

Added: February 24, 2010

TOTAL 2010 Standard has debuted as the all new sixth generation of our formfilling products. When we first posted the free labs release of what we’d “codenamed” Armstrong on a la mode labs, appraisers asked us how TOTAL 2010 was different from WinTOTAL Aurora. After all, we don’t create new versions from scratch for nothing. Click to view

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding The Appraisal Fee Reference (AFR)

Added: February 23, 2010

We developed the national Appraisal Fee Reference™ to be the authoritative guide to average and median appraisal fees for a base URAR. It is just one of the monthly data sets published as part of our Appraisal Industry Analytics™ practice. Click to view


DaVinci For iPhone, iPod, and iPad Offers A New Data Gathering Experience

Added: February 24, 2010

Any appraiser who has fallen out of love with their clipboard, or may be looking to cheat, needs to pay particular attention to our latest field data gathering and sketching app, DaVinci for iPhone and iPod Touch (and soon for Apple’s new iPad as well). Click to view

Analyzing The Counties

Added: February 25, 2010

Hawaii is looking better and better to appraisers these days, especially as record snow storms strike large parts of the continental United States. Who can blame them for wanting to sit on the beach and collect among the highest fees in the nation, in a location that also happens to be one of the busiest as well? Click to view


Search Engine Love

Added: February 24, 2010

For years, we’ve told Appraisers to customize their XSite pages to get better search engine rankings. And for years, this approach has worked for appraisers who do it. Even so, may appraisers don’t believe they can effectively customize their content, so they don’t try. This spring, we’re introducing a solution to that problem. Click to view

Avoiding A Race To The Bottom

Added: February 23, 2010

There’s a common misperception out there — especially among appraisal clients — that the “oversupply” of appraisers has created a market where there is no fee too low. Click to view


Netbooks:  A Great Solution For Staying Connected On-The-Go

Added: February 24, 2010

One of the most affordable ways for appraisers to stay efficient while away from their desk is a netbook. Click to view

State And Regional Fee Comparison

Added: February 25, 2010

While county-level analysis may seem to be the most relevant to the fees you charge on a day to day basis, there’s no denying the fact that your business doesn’t operate in a vacuum. Click to view


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