20 Ways TOTAL 2010 Differs From Aurora

TOTAL 2010 Standard has debuted as the all new sixth generation of our formfilling products.

When we first posted the free labs release of what we’d “codenamed” Armstrong on www.alamode.com/labs, appraisers asked us how TOTAL 2010 was different from WinTOTAL Aurora. After all, we don’t create new versions from scratch for nothing. There must be some pretty compelling reasons. What follows are just some of the new features in TOTAL 2010. Most of these amazing new features are a direct result of your feedback.

1. Split form pages — Ever wanted to insert your additional comparables 4-6 page after comparables 1-3 in your major form? Now you can. Click the green plus symbol in Contents to see a form’s individual pages, and move them or insert other pages in between.

2. Global Find/Replace/Replace All — In TOTAL 2010, you can now search for words or phrases, and “Replace All”. Aurora’s forms engine simply can’t handle this. That’s partly why we wrote an all new forms engine completely from scratch.

3. Undo/Redo — This is another highly requested feature Aurora’s forms engine couldn’t do. Now you can Undo and Redo text edits on-the-fly.

4. Customizable Workspace — Drag your QuickList pane anywhere you want, undock the E&O rules into its own window, show your addenda writer on another monitor, and more.

5. Secure Signing with SureDocs — With identity theft and report security a major concern, signing with SureDocs means you can prove exactly what you sent, to whom, and when.

6. Simplified new report creation — Just click “New” and choose to jumpstart your report by merging, or QuickClone old reports.

7. Compatible with Windows 7 — TOTAL 2010 is the first and only formfiller to earn the Compatible with Windows 7® logo.

8. Enhanced form rendering and navigation — The state-of-the-art report engine is our best yet. It offers new ways to navigate your report, including horizontal scrolling views, and a new thumbnail “Jump To” slider.

9. In-line photo management — Rather than having to change PowerViews to add, edit or optimize photos, TOTAL 2010 lets you do it all “in-line”, right on the photo form.

10. Text overflow improvements — With TOTAL 2010, you can choose to overflow any form field first to the comment field on the major form, and then to an addendum when appropriate. You can also selectively choose to automatically reduce font size to prevent an automatic overflow in cases where you simply need a few more words.

11. Improved printer profiles — Often, mobile appraisers need to print from different printers, depending on where they are. Previously, that meant having to go into the print set up and change printers. TOTAL 2010 lets you set up multiple printer profiles so that with a single click you can load different printers for your current location.

12. Customize E&O — In TOTAL 2010, you can now selectively hide E&O rules that don’t apply. Also, TOTAL 2010 displays E&O rules for delivery plugins associated with your report.

13. Merge entire reports, but strip outdated photos, sketches, and maps — You can merge an entire report while selectively choosing to discard the previous report’s map, sketch, and subject photos. The remaining pages are left as placeholders so you don’t have to rearrange your report later!

14. Assign multiple licenses to a single user — If you’re licensed in more than one state, it’s easy to attach each license to your contact record in TOTAL 2010. There’s no need to set up separate users to sign from another state.

15. Automatically shrink legal sized forms to letter size when printing to PDF — This highly requested feature allows TOTAL 2010 to automatically scale legal reports to fit letter sized paper, simplifying printing.

16. Fonts are embedded in your report — To the untrained eye, this may seem odd to highlight. But appraisers like their own fonts, sizes and cases to be retained when sending to co-workers. In TOTAL 2010, when you set a custom font for writing reports, and then send it to another appraiser, the report keeps that custom font when opened on the other end.

17. Switch and edit addenda instantly — In Aurora, you had to navigate to each addendum form and edit one at a time. In TOTAL 2010, our advanced addenda writer lists each addenda in your report, and lets you switch between each for instant editing.

18. Full screen mode — Historically, we’ve always assigned useful tools to the F keys. When in the comps grid, for example, F2 pushes what’s in your current cell across all like cells in the grid. In TOTAL 2010, F11 toggles Full Screen Mode, hiding the main toolbars and any docked panels, like QuickLists, so you can edit your forms using the full screen space.

19. Public and Private folders — The simple file manager in TOTAL 2010 includes both Public and Private folders. Public folders can be viewed by anyone on your network installation, while private folders allow you to keep other files separate.

20. Improved Contents view — We’ve modified the Contents table in the TOTAL 2010 forms library to make it even easier to find forms. You can rearrange forms easily (See #1), and we’ve added an “Obsolete Forms” category. This helps you make sure you’re not accidentally using an old form for a new report.

These are just a handful of the changes we’ve made, on top of rewriting the forms engine from the ground up. Visit www.alamode.com to download TOTAL 2010 today and try it for yourself. And don’t forget that this month you can switch to TOTAL for just $99. Give it a try and tell us what you think. We’d love to get your feedback.

For questions on TOTAL 2010, e-mail Editor@appraisalPress.com.