7 Steps to a Better Homepage Today


As you read our Marketing Insiders, it's likely you get a lot of ideas floating around in your head regarding what you should have on your website. But when you get to the web editor, you might get stuck and ask yourself, "What do I say first?" To help you put your marketing message into words, consider this guide to creating the body of your site's home page. (By "body", we mean the part after you get past any kind of banner including your company name and a headline.)

1. Start with the primary point you want site visitors to know when they hit your site - preferably 100 words or less.

2. Make a bulleted list of the types of services you provide. If you can tout something unique about a particular service you perform (maybe you're an expert on historic homes or rentals, etc.), then mention it. Try to keep the list to a dozen lines or less to make it easier for your audience to absorb quickly.

3. List the areas you serve. By including your company name in close proximity to your city, state and counties (if applicable), you can help search engines associate you with these locales.

4. Write three to five sentences describing how you can solve your clients' problems and help them make money. Make sure your client is the focus of this section. Avoid starting sentences with "I" or "We". Your clients will want to read about themselves and the benefits you can give them.

5. Include a picture of you and your team busy at work. While it's nice to have a formal picture for your resume, try to use an action shot on your website - it'll help it come to life.

6. Write about your education and qualifications. This should be a short paragraph - no more than 3 sentences. If you have more to list, refer to your staff profiles page. If you have logos for organizations to which you belong, include them; they add credibility even when the reader isn't
familiar with them.

7. Include a call to action. Make sure it's visible and near the top, too. Don't make the mistake of putting it at the bottom, thinking someone is going to read your entire homepage and come to the conclusion to order. Your site doesn't have to be linear. Appraiser XSites have a "Dynamic Content" feature that lets you have a right hand column with additional content, so you could have your call to action at the top of a separate column and still not detract from the flow of what you're saying. Want to learn more about Dynamic Content? Click here.

Once you've written your homepage, read it aloud to yourself and also get an unbiased second opinion from someone else. Then, once you're happy with it, take time to revise it periodically. As you become more familiar with online editing tools, you'll find new ways to enhance your home page design and better communicate with your audience.

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