DaVinci:  7 Ways To Speed Up Sketching

Our DaVinci Desktop sketching uses many of the shortcuts found in older sketching software, and makes upgrading from your old program virtually painless. But as with any great upgrade, there are better ways to do almost everything. Here are 7 things DaVinci users say makes our savvy sketcher speedier to use than others:

1. J is for Jump: In Modify or Draw mode, pressing J will “jump” your cursor to the corner nearest your mouse cursor’s current position. This is the best way to start drawing precisely at a corner. Just position your cursor near the corner where you want to start drawing, and press J on your keyboard.

2. Relocate Your Labels: DaVinci automatically applies dimension labels as you sketch, and sometimes those labels need to be moved. While each label can be moved using the mouse, the labels for an entire area can be moved with a single keystroke. Click and drag to highlight and select the area containing the dimension labels you want to move. Press ALT+R, and all the labels will toggle inside or outside of that area.

3. Garages Get Cut Out Automatically: After your exterior sketch is complete, just draw your attached garage like you did the exterior. You don’t need to pre-define the area. Once you close it, DaVinci will automatically define and subtract it from the GLA for you, saving you time and clicks.

4. Rotate Your Labels: If you click on an area label, such as “First Floor” you’ll see the “What Type of Area Is This?” dialog, where you can change attributes of that area. But what if you just wanted to rotate or move that label? Simple: CTRL + click the label. This will display the “handle” that lets you rotate and move it.

5. Use Pop Points: It’s laughably obvious to say that most walls connect to another wall, but “squaring off” your sketch can be much less humorous. Pop Points to the rescue. While sketching, you will see red and blue dots on the sketch that correspond to existing wall intersections. While drawing a wall, simply press CTRL + the arrow key that points to the desired pop point, then press Enter to anchor your new wall.

6. Stamp Mode: When you’re sketching that mansion on the hill with 16 bedrooms —­­ each with a fireplace — applying a label and symbol to each room can be rigorously repetitive. Stamp Mode lets you select a label or symbol, then click anywhere it should appear, just like... um... a stamp.

7. Draw an Arc: Sketching a house built in the Baroque Period? DaVinci makes those curvy corners easy. Draw a line equal to the width of the arc, then press ALT + arrow key to turn the line into an arc by adjusting the central angle.

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