This edition’s Appraiser XSite spotlight leads us to Alex Olmo of, a customer making all the right moves when it comes to web marketing and running a business. While I have server statistics about top XSite Energizer scores and XSites that get the most traffic to help me find successful sites like Alex's, anyone can simply Google “Orlando Appraiser”, “Seminole County Appraiser”, “Lake County Appraiser”, or numerous other phrases related to that region, and instantly see that comes up again and again.

“Traditionally, appraisers don’t market," Alex noted. "I knew that relying on word of mouth and existing clients would make me vulnerable to real estate ups and downs. So I’ve made it a point to keep my name out there and my company visible because you can’t underestimate how many people are looking for appraisers every day." Alex continued, “Some appraisers are pretty slow right now, but I feel my persistent marketing efforts are paying off because I’m running a steady 10 to 15 reports a week, which is plenty for this one-man shop considering the extra work now required with the 1004MC.”

Alex’s site design is simple and inviting, yet rich in the kind of content that attracts search engines. “I hired an outside firm to put together some of the more complex graphics. Then I was able to do all the writing and other parts with the wizard. XSites make it all pretty easy,” Alex told me.

Having a separate content page for each county and city in his coverage area is a key to the high ranking has achieved in the search engines. “Since the Enterprise XSite doesn’t have a limit on pages, I created custom, individual landing pages for all the counties and cities I cover. The work has paid off since those pages are now indexed on Google and bringing my site traffic,” Alex said. Having other sites link to you is also an important ingredient to being listed on a search engine, and Alex has discovered that doesn’t always entail getting other businesses to link to you. “Every forum post I make has my website address. My website is also on my profile and I have a Facebook ‘fan’ page too. Every mention of on the web helps!”

While the techniques Alex has applied could be used with any web site, Alex couldn’t imagine doing it without the interactive features of the XSite. He told me, “Whoever invented the XSites Desktop must’ve been reading my mind. It’s so cool to see those popups when I get a new site visitor, and the Energizer keeps me on my toes by scoring my site and providing marketing tips with site advice that really matters.” XSellerate also makes a difference in Alex’s business. “I really like that XSellerate can tell me who opened the e-mails I sent. I only do about one campaign a month so that I don’t burn people out, but it’s a great feeling when a client you thought was gone gets your e-mail and then calls to place an order.”

Appreciating the feedback and interaction of the XSite is right in line with Alex’s personality and whole reason for being an appraiser in the first place. “If I’m up until 11PM to meet a deadline, I’m okay with it because I love what I do. Not only do I own my own business and control my own destiny, but I get to contribute to my community. It doesn’t matter if it’s low income housing or someone from the Orlando Magic, there are interesting people everywhere with stories, and I get to connect with them all.”