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Nice Addition
Steve Millbern, SRA, Lake Forest, CA

Los Angeles, CA. “Don’t worry about that wire, we’ll move it for you!” Somehow the house was built without anyone noticing the easement for the wire that holds up the telephone pole. The custom home builder could not get lender financing and could not find a buyer so he was living there himself. The power company would not relent unless he paid for the whole block to have underground utilities installed. The bent wire suggests the side of the builder’s car may have a matching dent.


May 2008:
Nice Addition

"The homeowner's wife wanted a ‘reading room with a view,' so he made her an 8x14 crow's nest on the roof. He cut a three foot wide hole in the living room ceiling and added a very narrow winding staircase running from the ground floor up through attic. He put decking on the roof and built what you see in the picture. Of course he didn't notify the City Zoning or Plans Department! Can you imagine the weight on the rafters which are 100+ years old? But wait! He also ran no electricity, heating or cooling, and the windows face East and West - here in Oklahoma that's called a ‘Sweat Box!' They were so proud, and when they asked me what I thought, well, their chins hit the ground. We see some strange things on the job."