Appraisers Adopt DaVinci Sketcher At Staggering Pace

DaVinci, our sketching and field data gathering program, is one year old this month. In one short year we've seen appraisers across the country adopt the new DaVinci platform to save money and make their lives easier. It's been pretty amazing to watch the rapid adoption over the year.


We released DaVinci Desktop Standard edition for free to all WinTOTAL customers back in January, 2008. In March we released DaVinci Mobile Pro for Tablet PCs. By mid-summer 2008, over 5000 DaVinci sketches were being created and saved as part of a WinTOTAL report every week. In September we released DaVinci Desktop Pro with its ability to read and convert legacy Apex sketches. The upgrade to Desktop Pro was nicely priced at only $23. By Thanksgiving, that weekly number of saved DaVinci sketches in WinTOTAL was averaging over 8,000 per week. (pq)

So far this month, we're already seeing over 16,000 DaVinci sketches being saved in WinTOTAL reports every week. That's a 100% increase in usage since Thanksgiving.

And every week that number continues to grow. Thousands of appraisers have already set DaVinci as their default sketcher of choice and every week hundreds more make the switch. And from what we can tell, they're not switching back. DaVinci gives you fast, easy and intuitive sketching functionality at an affordable price. It's hard to beat "free."

But we're not stopping here. We have plenty of ideas for DaVinci and are working on some very cool things for 2009. Of course, you can expect regular, frequent updates with ongoing improvements and streamlined performance during the year. But we'll do more than just that.

Here's a peek at what we're working on: Last November, at the National Association of REALTORS® annual convention, we announced a version of DaVinci designed for real estate agents. It's called DaVinci TourSketch, and works just like DaVinci Mobile Pro. It's also designed to operate on a Tablet PC in the field. The difference is that instead of drawing a sketch and gathering data for an appraisal report, you do it for a real estate listing and floorplan tour.

With DaVinci TourSketch, users will be able to sketch the floorplan of the property, annotate listing information and add photos. We'll also add the ability to place markers on the floorplan to indicate where a photo was taken.

We'll replace the "Form" view with a "Listing" view in TourSketch. There you'll see a web-enabled floorplan of the property, with links for each photo and room description. You'll be able to click on a link and see the photo and room description pop up in a frame. We'll also add the ability to upload the floorplan tour as part of the listing on the Agent's XSite. This gives real estate agents the ability to create floorplan tours and listings right on-site, and then have them hosted online in minutes.

Visitors to our booth at the NAR convention we're blown away when they saw DaVinci TourSketch. There's nothing else like it.

But why is this important to you, the appraiser? Because we know not all agents out there are good at sketching floorplans on their own, nor will they really want to learn. Many will rather rely on an expert to do it for them. So we'll be adding all the TourSketch functionality into the appraiser version of DaVinci Mobile pro as well. This opens up a new potential revenue stream for appraisers. You'll be able to sell your services to agents, create floorplan tours for them, and upload them directly to their listing on their XSite. We also plan to build ordering and delivery into the XSites Network, allowing agents - or anybody for that matter - to search for an appraiser who can create floorplan tours for them. The order will come straight to your XSite and can be opened directly in DaVinci. And you'll be able to deliver your finished product via the XSites Network from DaVinci as well.

Remember, we already know thousands of agents who will most likely need that service. We host XSites for them. Many of you questioned why we started selling products to agents in the first place. Here's a good example of how you benefit. We think this can become a good stream of non-lender work you can use in this difficult economic time. We hope to have it ready this quarter.

To learn more about DaVinci for appraisers, go to To learn more about DaVinci TourSketch, go to