Conventions and Training:  Take Advantage and Make More Money

Most people would say they probably only use 50% of the features in their software and that they really should take some time to learn some new tricks. But we know how busy you get, and that it's often easy to put your website or learning to be more productive on the backburner. So, another year goes by and you're still using the same processes you've had in years past.

Here are five common reasons appraisers tell us they skip our online training:

1. "Planning ahead is too tough! I'm too busy." Most appraisers spend their day out in the field and need to be available when clients call, so it's understandable that a live, scheduled online training session may not be convenient. That's why we've recorded all of our live webinars, and post them as recorded videos that you can watch anytime.

The most common response that training attendees (newer users, and seasoned vets alike) say is, "I had no idea my XSite could do that!"

2. "I don't need any training. I'm already a super web master genius." For some reason, the term ‘webinar' is perceived by some to mean ‘for dummies' or at a learning pace that is so remedial, it makes your eyes bleed. Our webinar library goes far beyond the simple how to's and walkthroughs for newbies. We offer advanced level courses, webinars and short videos to brief you on new features, updates, opportunities to discuss current hot topics in the market with a network of your peers, and more. We even bring in industry experts, like Michael Russer (A.K.A. "Mr. internet") to show you new, unique tips and tricks to drive more traffic, and close more deals from clicks to close - and although was focused more toward agents - you can easily adapt the knowledge to what works for you. Most companies charge their customers for exposure to training like this, but we offer it free, so that it's easy for you to get the most out of your investment with us, whenever it's convenient for you.

3. "My website never gets any hits, so I don't work with it." It's like saying, "nobody ever tells me how nice I look, so I just quit taking showers ". But you'd be surprised how many times I've heard this response. Your XSite and XSellerate are an investment that do demand time, like any website, in order to get more traffic and generate more leads: Regular content updates, changes to make it more "sticky" to search engines, and updating your blog, to name a few. You'll get out of your website what you put in. If you don't put any value on it, neither will anybody else.

4. "Business is slow. How is a webinar going to help me make more money NOW?!" If business is slow, then there's no better time than now to invest time in learning how to utilize all of the backend tools your XSite and XSellerate have to offer. Take the downtime to get your site functioning full steam ahead to generate more leads, be more search engine friendly, build your blog, update your content, and learn how to automate some quick and effective marketing campaigns to get in touch with more past clients to generate repeats and referrals, and the list goes on. Under slower market conditions, it's the counter-cyclical products, like XSellerate marketing, that really keep you ahead of your competition.

5. "I want to get more assignments, not work on my website." If you really don't want to do it yourself, you may do well to find students interested in taking on a real world project of working up your website. Let them spend a day with you as you do your job, talking to you about your experience and why you stand out. Then, turn them loose on your site. You wouldn't even have to take the time to show them how to use your XSite and XSellerate. Webinars and online videos are free for anyone who manages your site, so you can just direct them online and get on with your busy day of generating new business and closing loans. Better yet, click here to find one our our authorized resellers who specializes in giving your site the attention it needs.

Maybe webinars aren't your cup of tea. If you're looking for alternate mediums to help you use your XSite, XSellerate marketing system, and even WinTOTAL more effectively, check out these other resources available. All of the listed resources are available to you, or who ever manages your XSite. And if you'd like to suggest a new topic we could cover, an industry expert you'd like to see host a live webinar, have any questions, or anything, feel free to e-mail me. I'd love to hear from you.

What resources are available to me?

Regional Conventions
You won't want to miss these new hard-hitting courses covering everything from marketing, business management, and formfilling, to housing market analysis, going paperless, and more. We'll be in Las Vegas April 12-14, and then we're headed to Chicago and Atlanta. Click here to learn more, and reserve your ticket today.

Live webinars
The live webinars are taught by one of our instructors, Product Managers, or lead by an industry expert. You can interact with your peers, and get questions answered on the spot. We offer a few live feature webinars each month. Check out "Marketing Your Business with Appraiser XSites" class on January 22nd, at 3 PM Central, and get practical information for making your site stand out. It's free, just click here to sign up.

Recorded webinars
We know how busy you get, and it's not always easy to take a time out from your day to attend a live webinar session, so we record all of them, and post them online, so you, your assistant, co-workers, or whoever manages your site can watch them for free when it's convenient for you. Click here to see a full list, and just click on the "View" icon to the right of any topic.

If you're more the type who like to have something tangible to read, we offer manuals on most of our webinar sessions.
Click here to learn more, and just click on the "View manual" icon to the right of the topic.

Short training videos
We also offer 40 short training videos that cover everything from how to set up marketing campaigns, to launching your XSite, and much more. Click here to learn more.
World class tech support
Our techs are really good at getting you started in the right direction and don't mind if you call in with a simple question when you're brand new with something. Elite, Platinum and XSite customers can call us 24/7/365 at 1-800-211-4514.