Blog Your Way To More Non-Lender Business

A great blog goes a long way to increasing your non-lender business, boosting search engine rankings and establishing yourself as the real estate expert in your area. Here are five quick tips:

  1. Write about what you know. That includes the hottest areas, neighborhoods making a comeback, property taxes, PMI, even property rights issues. Mortgage trends, mortgage laws, even mortgage rates, are topics that are interesting and keyword rich for search engines.
  2. Make it relevant. You may be an expert on political issues or tarpon fishing, but visitors to your site don't need your insight into those issues. Adding irrelevant information may cause them to pass you by.
  3. Write for web readers. Web surfers scan to pick out relevance; they generally don't read beginning to end. You can cater to visitors by using bulleted lists and subheadings for longer posts.
  4. Commit yourself. Search engines love your fresh, relevant content and visitors like constantly finding something new. But it's better not to have a blog than to have one that is outdated. You don't need to post every day, but if you blog, you must do so regularly.
  5. Keep it positive. Going negative probably doesn't attract the kind of clients you're looking for. You don't want negative clients, do you?

Editor's Note:  If you have an XSite, activate your blog by logging in, clicking the XSites icon at the top of My Office, and then clicking Blog.