Blogging Brainstorm:  31 ideas to get you started right now

It's a hot topic right now, and everyone seems to be doing it. But what separates fluffy blogs from those that really impact your bottom line and bring new leads and referrals is one thing: The content!

Your blog content should achieve the following three objectives:

1. Position you as the expert on topics that will generate more business for you.
2. Let your personality shine through so your readers will feel a personal connection and want to do
business with you.
3. Deliver relevant, helpful information that will get forwarded to others over and over again.

We know. Sometimes it's hard to know where to start. So we did a little brainstorming and came up with the following 31 ideas. Remember, the pre-written web pages you get with your XSite are ripe with ideas and actual content you can cut and paste into your own blog. Use these to get started and hopefully they'll trigger new ideas of your own. And keep us in the loop! If you've got a great idea, let us know at .

TIP: Keep in mind who your target audience is and speak directly to them. Are you targeting others in real estate, non-lending institutions (such as attorneys), or consumers? Always be constructive and focus your blog on challenges and needs that your audience has. How can your expertise impact their bottom line?

1. Investment properties: The do's and don'ts
2. Which improvements add the most to your value?
3. Does a swimming pool add value?
4. Quarterly housing stats
5. What homes are selling in our area?
6. Does a home theater really add value?
7. Beware of free online values
8. Historic neighborhoods making a comeback
9. Prices increasing or decreasing in your area
10. Announce any new team member
11. Announce new technology
12. I recently attended a class and this is what I learned...
13. Flipping: What neighborhoods are hot right now?
14. What can tie up a real estate deal
15. How to get rid of PMI
16. Challenging tax assessors' statements
17. What can extend a property's time on the market?
18. What can reduce a property's time on the market?
19. Selling by owner? Tips for a successful transaction
20. Get the most out of your property by knowing its value before you put it on the market
21. Inspection tips
22. Homebuyer checklist
23. FHA repair list
24. Mortgage fraud
25. Zoning changes in your area
26. News & trends
27. What makes effective curb appeal
28. Easy home improvements that add real value
29. What home improvements don't add value
30. Recent census information
31. Housing market analysis (done monthly)