Contact Your Members Of Congress Now

For easy tools to contact your Congressional Representatives, click here now.

No matter where you live or what committees your members of Congress may be on, it's essential that you contact your Representative and both Senators immediately and make your opinion heard on the HVCC and legislation affecting you. Even a junior representative can be very influential by simply making some phone calls to the executive offices at Fannie, Freddie, OFHEO, and other members' staffs. We've seen it firsthand.

That being said, the table below shows the members of Congress who probably can have the greatest impact based on the committees they're on and the positions they hold. Scan the lists and see who from your state may be in the best position to affect the outcome of the HVCC and more. And then pick up the phone and make the calls to all of them.

Political action has the word "action" in it, remember. You have to act, not just talk or click, to make a difference.

Since most appraisers aren't inherently political animals, we realize that it may be a little overwhelming at first. That's why we created a political action website to guide you through the process. Just visit There you'll find information prepared by our lobbyists in Washington regarding how to contact your members, how to schedule meetings, and what to say when you meet to be most effective.

Make note of that last part. It's essential that there be only a few points made. If you engage in a long rant covering dozens of things that anger you about the industry, the people to whom you're speaking will glaze over and take away none of the essential elements.  Worse, they won't know what you're really asking them to do. If you use the materials on as a guide, you'll be able to keep your points short and memorable, they'll be consistent with the points made by others who also contact that member or his or her staff, and they'll know exactly what to do next. When 50 people call and they all make the same three or four points, coolly and consistently, with economic data and rational analysis to back it up, the effect is substantial.

So, go visit, and then get on the phone.