Cut the Cord with DaVinci Desktop Pro

We recently released a new edition of our DaVinci sketcher that allows you to convert and re-use your legacy sketches.  Called DaVinci Desktop Pro, this new version allows you to continue to work with your old sketch files, like Apex, but never have to pay a third party sketch vendor for an upgrade again.  Right now, we’re offering the upgrade to Desktop Pro for only $23, in honor of our 23rd anniversary in the business.  That’s a great deal.

With Desktop Pro installed and set as your default integrated sketcher, you’re able to open reports in WinTOTAL with old existing sketches and edit them in DaVinci. For example, when you go to the Sketch PowerView and click on “Edit”, DaVinci will launch and seamlessly and convert an existing Apex sketch into the new DaVinci format.

The advantage of DaVinci Desktop Pro is its low one-time fee, making all your sketching needs covered under one central umbrella. You don’t have to pay for a sketching solution from a third party vendor ever again. You get support from us for all your software, including the sketcher, and you only need one phone number to call for help. And you can still reuse all the legacy sketches you’ve created to date. You won’t be forced to pay for future versions, and you won’t have to worry about the integration between the sketcher and the formfiller, since they both come from the same company.

To learn more, click here, or go to the Sketch PowerView in Aurora and choose “DaVinci” from the “Sketch With” dropdown menu.