Saving Time And Costs In The Field

Built for tablet and ultra mobile PCs, DaVinci combines the free form benefits of the clipboard with the digital accuracy of a software application. And when incorporated into your daily workflow and appraisal process, it can significantly reduce the amount of stress and time you spend on reports back in the office.

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Until now, you've typically used pencil, paper, and a traditional clipboard to sketch the property and gather data, but that process can easily introduce errors. It's possible using manual methods to overlook measurements, be unaware that a measurement is incorrect, or even fail to note important features of the property while onsite. DaVinci guides you through a completely customizable onsite inspection, and provides an interactive checklist of critical data which needs to be gathered before leaving the site.

A tablet PC is like a digital upgrade to the clipboard. And borrowing from the clipboard, DaVinci extends that freeform nature to sketching and note taking. DaVinci takes your full-size, hand-drawn floor plans and converts your lines and measurements into a digital sketch. The areas are accurately calculated and transferred to the report, and the sketch can be opened seamlessly in WinTOTAL. Plus, you can take unlimited hand-written and voice notes anywhere in the program which are saved inside the file and can be accessed any time.

DaVinci also lets you work with more than the subject property while in the field. You can drive by comparable properties and complete the appropriate sections of the report directly within DaVinci, ensuring the best comps are used and that their data is as accurate as possible. And all the data you gather is added to your report's forms and Digital Workfile, storing a full audit trail of the work done and ensuring USPAP compliance.

And in addition to improving the reliability of the information gathered, what really sets DaVinci apart is the ability to go directly from the field inspection to the final report without retyping data or sorting through the subject and comparable photos, saving time and effort.

And to top it all off, DaVinci is the first appraisal program to pass the extensive tests required to be awarded the "Certified for Windows Vista" designation. It's gone through rigorous, independent laboratory testing to ensure you have a positive experience with reliable software.

So now what? Read what's printed on these pages to find out more about the specific features DaVinci has that will help you increasing accuracy, save time and reduce stress.

Then visit to find out what others who have used it think, read hardware reviews, watch videos to see it in action, and decide for yourself if you're ready to give your clipboard a long overdue retirement.



Ever had to go back to a property because you forgot a measurement or couldn't read your own notes? DaVinci Mobile Pro helps you make sure to gather all the data you need onsite. Every screen and field is easily customized, including your own Critical Fields checklist. Data transfers right to your forms, and you can view and edit your forms right inside DaVinci at any time.

  • Data gathering screens are completely customizable. Change the fields, their order, or add new ones on the fly. Work the way you want to.
  • DaVinci's critical fields are also customizable, so you don't forget anything while you're onsite.
  • In the Form PowerView, basic formfilling functions are included so you can work on the report in the coffee shop or in the car before returning to the office.
  • DaVinci and WinTOTAL files are the same format, so data can be viewed and edited in either program.

The way DaVinci's sketcher converts hand-drawn floor plans to a digital sketch will blow your mind. The walls and outlines you draw are instantly snapped into digital lines, arcs and angles. Just write a line's length and the wall is instantly converted to that dimension and scales your drawing. And since DaVinci runs on your desktop, sketches can be opened in WinTOTAL for editing.

  • DaVinci interprets your "gestures" as shorthand instructions. For example, scribbling "bas" on a part of the sketch adds a Basement label. This can also be used to change line direction.
  • Every room and area type is customizable - edit line color, shading, pattern, and fonts to suit your style.
  • DaVinci includes a robust symbol and label library.
  • As you sketch, tapping the room labels pops up a window for entering room-specific data.

DaVinci and WinTOTAL files share the same native format, so what you do in one is available in the other. Because we develop both the formfiller and the sketcher, no other vendor can offer this level of integration. So whether you start or edit a file in DaVinci or WinTOTAL, everything is there - all your data, comps, voice notes, sketches, symbols, labels, addenda, photos, and analysis.

  • Handwritten notes, sketches and voice recordings created with DaVinci's FieldPad transfer to the report's Digital Workfile in WinTOTAL.
  • Enter comps (no matter how many) in either WinTOTAL or DaVinci. While you're in the field you can take photos, gather data and take any notes on them you want.  Everything you enter in DaVinci shows up in WinTOTAL.
  • Data without a field on a form is automatically added to a supplemental addendum for you in WinTOTAL, so you don't lose a thing.



"I've completely tossed my clipboard for the Lenovo X61. I don't have to edit sketches back at the office, I don't have to re-type anything or redraw the sketch a second time on my PC, saving me 15 minutes per report.  But frankly, and this sounds strange, DaVinci reduces my mental fatigue. With the ability to make handwritten notes, dictate voice recordings, create a sketch and fill out the report in the field, I'm less stressed when I get back to the office. I'm sold."
- Preston Chase, Mooresville, NC

"I use the Motion tablet and DaVinci exclusively now. I just don't see myself going back to the clipboard. I like the tablet PC because it allows me to be more flexible.
A good example: I recently did a final inspection on a Friday for a home originally completed as proposed construction. It was 100 miles south of my office and belonged to the president of one of the local banks. He was in a rate lock due to expire and the property had to close by the next Monday. With the tablet PC, I was able to visit the property, reopen DaVinci and edit the sketch because several changes had been made during construction causing it to be a bit larger. I opened the report and updated sketch in WinTOTAL, which is also on my tablet, imported the photos and completed the report right there. Then I went to the local motel, connected to their Wi-Fi and delivered the report. I had other properties to inspect and if I'd waited until I got back to my office to finish the report it would have been too late for the bank to process the report and close on the property on Monday. Not only was I able to help move the closing process along, but I got a chance to be a hero to one of my good clients."
- Floyd Tillery, Cody, WY

"Pocket TOTAL never worked for me mainly due to screen size so I ended up back with my clipboard. But after buying a Motion 1600 and trying DaVinci, I have retired my clipboard for good. The part I love best is that I didn't really have to change my workflow because the customizable screens let me mold DaVinci to the way I already work, instead of the other way around. For me, it's not that DaVinci saves me time on inspections as much as it saves me a lot of headaches. I can't count how many times when using a clipboard I'd had to drive back out to a house and re-measure because when I got to the computer something was off. Since I can see the square footage while still at the property, I don't have to worry. If I messed up a measurement, I know right then. The gas savings alone should make up the cost of the tablet. The ability to use the Field Pad to take down notes and record voice notes is really helpful as well. Now if someone would come up with a little league baseball lineup program for the tablet, I could throw my clipboard away completely."
- Greg Mellies, Oklahoma City, OK