Exciting changes in store for AppraisalPress

From here on out, you'll see more frequent editions of AppraisalPress via e-mail, but fewer physical newspapers. That will allow us to give you more timely news and updates without holding out for our next press time. It’s a much more interactive and direct form than a traditional newspaper.

As for the print edition, we’re moving to a bi-annual schedule. So, you should see a new AppraisalPress in your mailbox in July and again at the end of the year. It’s going to be packed with a mid-year check of all of the issues relevant to you, what we’re working on and a mid-year recap. It’s still going to have the progressive stories that you won’t find elsewhere.

Also, thanks for making AppraisalPress such a huge success. We didn’t know what to expect when we sent the first paper out. At the time, the HVCC had just been announced, the economy was in free fall, and there seemed to be mass confusion across the appraisal industry. We were hoping to get appraisers united in fighting or at least coping with these situations that threatened your livelihood. That worked and the dust has somewhat settled.

So, it's time to move onto the next phase of the AppraisalPress, which will primarily be online. This lets us shift our focus to providing you with more timely, interactive news while still developing incredible software. After all, we're not a news company and didn't hire anyone to write or produce AppraisalPress. That heavy lifting is usually done between 9PM and 4AM, requiring multiple IHOP runs and naps in the shipping department.

If you have any story ideas or suggestions, send them our way at editor@appraisalpress.com. And look forward to hearing from us about every other week.

Ellana Walker
Chief Marketing Officer
a la mode, inc.