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Flintstone House

Supervisor to apprentice: “Ok, you’re up, this one’s all yours and remember how I taught you to measure accurately.  We don’t want any call backs on this one.  And if it’s too overwhelming for you, I just spoke with the owner, who states that he is the last living relative of the Flintstones, and he has the original plans.”
Submitted by: Stephen Paul Appraisals, Belton, SC

Congratulations Stephen! You win $500.
Photo submitted by Keith Robinson, Appraisal Source.

Last Month's Winning Photo

A toilet in the bedroom

The $500 winner is:
Stephan Humphrey
Kuykendall Appraisal Associates
Austin, TX

“Wood paneling, $1,000. Dream catcher, $20.  Hand stitched eagle comforter, $9.  Sharing those private moments with your loved one, priceless.”

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Flintstone House

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Photo submitted by Ron Rahal, Dearborn, MI.