Get A Bird’s Eye View Of Your Subject Property

Did you know that WinTOTAL Aurora is the only formfiller with integrated Bird’s Eye aerial imagery provided free as part of your membership for free? It’s a very slick feature built into the Microsoft® Virtual Earth® mapping upgrade we introduced late last year. If you haven’t tried these maps, you’re missing out. They're a great addition to your report.

Bird’s Eye images are comprised of high-resolution photography taken by low-flying aircraft (not black helicopters). And they’re also “orthogonal,” meaning that the photos are shot at a 45 degree angle from four different directions. This allows you to fly, in a virtual sense, completely around the property and see all sides.
So what are some of the scenarios in which you might want to include Bird’s Eye images along with your Virtual Earth maps? How about on rural or land appraisals to give the client a better perspective of the subject’s site and view? Or how about on a drive-by appraisal to verify and show listed features that can’t be seen from the street? Saying in the report that the lot behind the subject property is a landfill is one thing. Showing a high resolution aerial image of its proximity is another
thing entirely.

Not every area has Bird’s Eye imagery available, and some areas are re-flown and updated more often than others. But the next time you’re getting a map, when you see the Bird’s Eye icon light up above your location map image in the Map Wizard, that means that imagery is available for your property. Click it to switch to “Bird’s Eye mode” and see what you’ve been missing.

Bird's eye view