Grassroots Appraisal Marketing With Door Hangers

What if you took an extra 10 minutes during inspections to walk the block and put a flyer on each home’s door? You could briefly describe why a current appraisal is important in light of all the news about home prices, and how you can help.

Mention that you’ve just appraised a house in their neighborhood, and add some urgency by offering a discount if they schedule an appraisal within a certain amount of time. Include your company name, contact information, web address and e-mail. Is it time to challenge tax assessments? If so, be sure to indicate you do tax challenge appraisals. And clearly say something like “Your home is your biggest investment. Do you know what it’s currently worth? I can help. I’ve been appraising homes in this area for X years. I can provide you with an expert appraisal, and explain to you the recent trends in the real estate market and how they’re affecting your home’s value. Contact me today or visit my website to learn more.” Or you could use PMI removal as a hook. “Want to lower your payment? If you have 20% equity, you may be able to remove the PMI (private mortgage insurance) and lower your monthly mortgage payment. Call me to learn how an appraisal might help you.”

Do the math
If you put out 20 flyers a day, that’s 100 per week, and over 400 per month. If 1% respond with an order, you’ll have four more orders per month. Even without an immediate order, you’re touching lots of potential customers. And out of those 100 people per week, how many do you think will be mortgage brokers, attorneys and Realtors? Plus, people talk. Don’t be surprised if you get referrals as a result.

The best part? Flyers and door hangers are cheap. Really cheap. You can use XSellerate and have your ads ready in 10 minutes. Or you can print your own with inexpensive Internet printers like or They’ll print professional door hangers for only $30 per thousand or so. And flyers are even cheaper. I’m no Archimedes, but if you get one new order out of that batch, you’ve made a great return on your investment.

Get them in 10 minutes
We’ve created an XSellerate print campaign specifically for door hangers. You can find it under Printable Ads by looking for “Consumer Focused Door Insert”. Use this campaign on actual door hanger templates that have a hole at the top (you can buy them online here or here), or roll up the full 8 1/2” x 11” version and stick it in the door handle.

If you don’t have XSellerate, take advantage of the $100 off coupon in this edition of AppraisalPress and get it.  Just enter code APSAVE100 in the shopping cart and you can get XSellerate for only $249. There are over 300 ads written for appraisers that you can send in e-mail, printed postcards, flyers, and of course, door hangers.  Click here to order now.

We’ve heard from appraisers using these techniques with a lot of success and we want to hear your ideas, too. Send us your feedback at or become a fan on Facebook at and share your questions with a huge community of your peers from across the country. Good luck!