Holiday Marketing

Five easy Holiday Marketing Ideas

The holidays are an excellent time to reconnect with past clients and reach out to prospects. Your XSite and XSellerate make it easy. Here are some quick, easy things you can do that can have a big impact:

1. Send Holiday eCards
Sending eCards is a great, easy way to celebrate Thanksgiving, Christmas, the New Year or any other holiday and keep in touch with clients and prospects at the same time. Your options used to be limited to printing address labels, licking envelopes, getting writer's cramp and buying generic box cards. Now you have another option that's fun, festive and easy - plus, you can customize it with ease!

* In addition to "Happy Holidays," think of one message you would like the recipient to walk away with after receiving your eCard. If you have more than one target audience (such as clients and prospects), then you'll want to tailor your messages to each. Your message might be as simple as thanking them for your business or inviting them to visit your website.

* To keep your holiday eCard from drowning in your recipient's inbox, use a subject line that will get their interest.

* Try personalizing your Holiday eCard instead of just sending generic art. While quality graphics make your eCard professional, personalization makes it interesting. Remember, people are interested in other people. One easy way to insert your photo is to open up a holiday e-mail template in XSellerate, delete the image and click the image manager button to browse for and import your photo.

* If you're in an office with several staff members, consider taking a fun photo of the office team to help your audience connect to you as real people. No need to get fancy here - just use your digital camera and get a fun shot!

Sending Holiday eCards is easy in XSellerate. Click here for HOW TO steps.

2. Change your XSite's theme to match the holiday
Visitors respond better to a fresh website. As we get closer to the holidays, now is a great time to change up your theme. You can have a Christmas theme this month and switch off to a New Year theme in January. With so many options, why not mix it up a little and have some fun? Your XSites homepage also gives you another opportunity to personalize by adding a holiday photo of you and your family or staff.
Believe it or not, you're only 3 steps away to changing your XSites theme! Click here for HOW TO steps. Plus, you can save your current XSites theme and layout and easily revert back to it. Click here for instructions.

3. Make sure that your XSite's mobile features are activated so that you don't miss a lead while you're on vacation.
If you don't follow up on a lead soon, someone else will. Let technology make it a breeze to stay on top of all the leads that come to you. Click here for HOW TO steps.

4. Update your XSites homepage with reasons to use you during this time of market change
We say it time and again, updating content regularly helps your search engine marketing efforts, but by keeping it relevant to what's going on in your local area you establish yourself as the local expert. Use this Christmas and New Year's season to refresh your site and customize your homepage's content. Click here for HOW TO steps.

5. Go see clients in person.
What a perfect time to go see your clients face to face, thank them for their business and wish them well. Remember, your clients are usually sales people. They rely on and enjoy personal, face to face exchanges. Take some time and go see them in person.

Happy Holidays!