Homeowner Gives Appraiser The Finger

Back in the day, when I was just a wee trainee, I was on an inspection with my mentor. As we were finishing up with interior photos and my boss was making notes about the property I started making small talk with the current homeowner. (I was just a trainee... how was I to know this was a no no?) He told me he was moving to Las Vegas. I asked him why he was leaving California to go live in Las Vegas. The homeowner spoke broken English and I was trying intently to understand what he was saying. Apparently, he had some sort of medical issue and he showed me his right hand. It was missing the index finger. "Oh, how awful" I said. "How did that happen?" Instead of trying to explain the story to me, the homeowner motioned for me to come into the kitchen. As I walked towards the kitchen, I looked back nervously towards my mentor as he jotted down notes on his clipboard. As I turned back around I watched, to my horror, as the homeowner reached into the kitchen cabinet and retrieved a mason jar. In it was... you guessed it... his severed index finger floating in some sort of cloudy liquid.

That was a lesson learned. I now can do an inspection in less than 20 minutes without missing a beat. I keep my head down, my mouth shut and my time in the field is cut in half.

Submitted by Karyn R. Smith, Fast Pace Appraisals, Garden Grove, CA