I Can’t Find My Website!

If you’ve found yourself wondering why you’re not showing up in Google for a particular search, it may be your page content that’s the culprit. Among other things, search engines look for specific words that are consistently stated in several areas of a website to know how to best list the site, giving the person searching a relevant result. Every piece of text that is added to your site can be used to your advantage.

One of the best ways to ensure that your site will come up at the top of a search is to create specific pages for the same search criteria that you want your site to be found by. In fact, every customized page of your website is indexed (mostly) independently of all the other pages, which means that it gets its own listing in Google. So, if you have ten custom pages on your website, you have ten separate listings in Google, specific to each of the pages.

For example, if you want to be found by potential clients that are in need of an appraisal for tax challenge purposes, create a specific page dedicated to Tax Challenges, where you discuss how a homeowner in your city or County would go about appealing their property tax assessment.

Be informative and educational in what you write. Educating the public is always one of the best ways to engage your audience as well as engaging the search engine by the keywords that you provide.

Creating custom pages will simply give the search engines more places to look and more places to see relevant, duplicated text to know better how to list your site.