Introducing the XSites Desktop

We just released the XSites Desktop, bringing many of the core XSites tools directly onto your PC. Before XSites Desktop, your XSite was like a coworker, but in another room or another building, so it wasn’t always convenient to seek her advice or help. With XSites desktop, it’s like she’s sitting at the desk right next to you.

What is XSites Desktop?

XSites Desktop is a free desktop application for all XSites owners, letting you access and communicate with your XSite without actually having to open an Internet browser and log in to your site. This offers a great deal of convenience, and puts all of your XSites tools at your fingertips, and offers some new features too. Right out of the box, XSites Desktop gives you direct access to the tools in your XSite, like XSellerate, CertMail and Business Management. It also has a rotating news panel at the bottom that can be customized to include your favorite news feeds. In addition, XSites Desktop houses a number of new plugins.

You're ALWAYS logged in and on TOP of what 's happening on your site

For the initial release of XSites Desktop, there are three plugins available. The Business Management plugin lets you see, at a glance, any new and open orders, orders that are due today or past due. Clicking the link takes you directly to your orders on your XSite. This plugin also gives you a quick look at what you’ve billed for the last week, month, 30 days, etc.

The Collaborator Plugin lets you instantly communicate with other XSite users and site visitors. For example, when your site has a visitor, XSites Desktop will pop up an alert letting you know. Clicking the alert lets you open a chat dialog on your site so you can greet your visitor and offer assistance. You can even add a "Chat Now" button on your XSite for visitors to use. This plugin lets you answer their questions, help them place orders and make their visit memorable (which hopefully translates into business). And when you're away from your PC, the chat button sends you an e-mail and text message. Talk about customer service!

Last, the Energizer plugin rates your XSite's effectiveness on a scale of 0 to 850. Then, it gives you specific tips on boosting your score, with a link to a video or document showing how. Higher scores means you’re doing the right things to have a search engineoptimized, educational, visitor-friendly XSite.

Future possibilities for XSites Desktop

The plugin architecture in XSites Desktop offers countless possibilities. For example, we’re already upgrading the Collaborator to allow file sharing with colleagues or other PCs that you own. The underlying theme of XSites Desktop, and all our products, is this: You have the technology you need at your fingertips. The XSites Desktop is ready for XSite customers to download right now. Just go to and follow the links. You’ll also see a notification when you log into your XSite Admin if you haven't downloaded the XSites Desktop yet.