Most Useful Articles from 2008

We started AppraisalPress in April of 2008 with one goal in mind: to serve appraisers. We’ve covered the HVCC, provided analysis and commentary, and worked hard to give you a voice. But we’ve also provided a lot of solid business advice, ideas and analysis you can use to get ahead in a slowing market. Why do we do this? It’s simple – our success depends on you. If appraisers succeed, we succeed. Here are some of our most useful articles from 2008.

What Now?
Dave Biggers predicts a home valuation bottom in mid-2010.

Go Paperless in 2009
Looking to save costs? We show you how to eliminate the enormous costs and man-hours required for paper filing and storage.

Inside & Outside the Boxes
In this multi-part series, Patrick Egger provides extensive business advice that's useful for any market -  Start Here to read "Developing and Communicating the URAR," and read through the series.

Turning Graphs into Orders
Real estate agents and homeowners love value trend graphs. Use your expertise to get in the door with these prospective clients. Also, see this very useful article showing you how to do trend analysis and graphing.

Tap Into 11 Profitable Niches
With traditional lender orders in decline and the HVCC coming into effect, you need to find business in other places. We show you where to look.

Consider Talk Radio
Want to promote your appraisal business for free? Getting on the air may be as simple as contacting local talk radio stations.

Drumming up Tax Challenge Business
Read about Anthony Lamandre's method for getting business from homeowners.

Setting Yourself Apart
The last year has finally laid to rest the notion that appraisers don't need marketing. Learn how to use marketing to set yourself apart from your competition.

How Much are You Worth?
Don't set your rates by guessing. David Braun shows you how to calculate your hourly rate. Includes a free Excel worksheet.

Common Appraisal Mistakes
Denise M. Siegel shares appraisal mistakes she encountered as a member of the New Jersey Board of Real Estate Appraisers. Learn from other appraisers' mistakes.

But there's much more. Explore the categories on the left for more useful appraisal business and marketing articles. Be sure to visit our appraisal marketing site to download our free eBooks on getting paid, getting more orders, and improving your web site.