New D8 Features Make It The Best DISTO Yet

I’ve always personally been a believer in DISTO Laser Meters. They’re at least twice as fast as a tape, and extremely accurate (within 1/16th of an inch). Historically, the only frustration I’ve had with DISTOs is “seeing the red dot.” Sometimes it was difficult to find exactly where I was pointing that dot when outdoors on a bright, sunny day.

That problem goes away completely with the latest additions to the DISTO family. The coolest thing about the new D8 (with Bluetooth), and the new D5 (which doesn’t have Bluetooth) is the 2.4 inch color display with 4X zoom that can be seen outdoors. This, combined with a new Pointfinder makes it simple to hit what you’re aiming at. Just look at the screen, aim the crosshairs, and shoot. You don’t even worry about finding a dot. In fact, I don’t even look up from the screen. Also new is its Power Range™ technology that allows you to measure up to an amazing 650 feet. (You may need to use a target plate for distances beyond 300 feet.)

The Disto D8 & D5

The D8 model with built-in Bluetooth integrates easily with DaVinci Mobile Pro for hands free sketching. Sketching with a D8 and DaVinci is literally as simple as shooting your measurement, then entering a direction on the DISTO keypad. The line length and direction are sent to DaVinci for you, and the sketch is drawn automatically.

Another great feature of these new DISTOs is the built-in tilt sensor. It lets you shoot at an angle over objects blocking your path or view and returns a level, direct line-of-sight measurement. If you’ve ever muttered insults at your tape measure when measuring a tricky home with thorny bushes and fences blocking the way, you know the frustration that will go away with this new feature.

I’ve been amazed at how much easier and faster it is to measure with the D5 and the D8. The new display with crosshairs is slick. All my measurements go right into DaVinci, so when I’m done measuring, the sketch is also done and square footages are calculated before I even get back in the car.

A local Oklahoma City appraiser, Parrish Foster, told us, “The DISTO has cut the time it takes to measure a house nearly in half. It is a must for the complex properties. I love not having to drag my tape around, over or under vegetation, fences and yes, even animals. The lack of upset homeowners because of footprints on carpet in and of itself has been worth the investment.”

Parrish isn’t unique. Every appraiser with a DISTO I’ve met has told me they’d never go back to a tape. We’re authorized DISTO dealers, so you can find out more on our website by clicking here.