News of the Weird

In a bit of news having nothing to do with the HVCC, political action, signature security, software or marketing, we happened across a recently published book on that sounded, well, weird. According to the Send2Press Newswire article, the book titled Waggle, by Joe Redden Tigan, "is an involving novel about an awakening sense of social responsibility."

The article goes on to say that "Waggle is comprised mainly of two parts that are deftly interwoven by the author: 1.) the story of four real estate appraisers' search for self-fulfillment (however reluctant) in a network of suburbs rapidly going haywire from ravenous over-development, and 2.) a slightly demented guidebook on how certain golf bets are constructed and how the golf swing works."

Being very familiar with both appraisers and (admittedly less so with) golf, we were at least a little curious. Apparently in the book, "It's July 28, 2003 in Carlsburg, IL, where almost everyone is employed in the real estate industry, indicating the need to accommodate the bone-jarring residential and commercial real estate development that has started to surround Chicago. Triple-the-Pines Golf Course, Tigan's oddly enchanted fictional Chicagoland course, is an escape from it. And possibly a zigzagging path towards enlightenment."

The timing of the book's release was ironic to say the least. "Originally published in March, 2007, Waggle pre-empted the phenomenon now known as the sub-prime mortgage lending crisis, with almost all its characters having a vested interest in the real estate game no matter what the cost of their rabid suburban sprawl. They seek out their favorite golf course to escape their very profitable but very loud creation, if just for one day."

It's available on for those of you who have always wondered how the sub-prime crisis was related to golf and appraisers.