Nine “do’s and don’ts” of XSellerate marketing

When using XSellerate to market your business, there are some basic marketing "do's and don'ts" to know about.  In our previous article, "Want To Easily Get 40% More Leads?" we reported that appraisers who actually use our XSellerate marketing system in conjunction with their XSite see 40% more leads generated than the rest. It only makes sense that when you throw a wide net around potential customers and "drag" them to your site, rather than fishing for a single fish at a time with a single hook, you'll get more leads, and ultimately more business as a result.  In continuing with the fishing analogy, this article discusses some other important "fishing" tips for marketing with XSellerate.  

Do:  Remember that marketing is about leaving positive impressions
This is a basic marketing principle, and applies to the use of XSellerate too.  Every interaction you have with a client or prospect makes an impression.  Every impression either adds to or detracts from your marketing efforts.  And every positive impression helps your clients or prospects decide whether than can trust you to do what you say you'll do.  Think about the vendors you pay that have competed for your business.  Did the appearance of the person you dealt with play a part in your decision to pay for their product or service?  How about the way they spoke to you, or the way they made it clear how they differ from their competitors?  These all play a part in your marketing, and are all things to consider as you approach your potential customers as well.

Don't:  Overdo it
So, marketing is about impressions, and XSellerate automates e-mail and print marketing, therefore automating a number of the impressions you have the opportunity to leave with people.  We've all been victims of marketing campaigns that daily, relentlessly, send us messages for things we may not even be interested in at the moment.  And as a result, we flag it as "junk," even if it's from someone we know and have done business with before.

If you're going overboard and blasting messages to the same people for the same thing daily or multiple times weekly, you're doing the opposite of what you want – you're leaving a bad impression.

Do:  Be patient
Studies show, and our own experience supports this, it often takes seven exposures to your marketing before a recipient remembers you and/or takes action as a result.  It's simply not realistic to assume that after sending one, two or three XSellerate campaigns you're suddenly going to start getting serious traction with customers or prospects.  It takes time and patience.  That's why we've been "banging the marketing drum" to appraisers for years, long before the bubble burst.  To build up effective marketing and reap the benefits, it takes time and patience, and it will pay off. 

Don't:  Give up
We spend a lot of money marketing to appraisers like you.  And we know that you often just toss a postcard or mailer in the trash before even reading it.  Admit it.  You've done it.  And we know that for any given marketing piece, perhaps 98% of the recipients never respond.  Yet we keep on sending you our marketing pieces and advertisements.  The reason is that we're patient, and a 2% response rate over time, with patience and with repetition, will bring in new prospects and result in new sales, even from existing customers.  The lesson is that you can be successful while being rejected 98% of the time.  We're living proof.   

Make sure to watch your XSellerate campaigns closely and measure the results.  Pay attention to what works and what doesn't and make changes as needed.  But always keep in mind that results are almost never immediate, and they're rarely massive. 

Do:  Mix up your media
XSellerate is designed to send multiple messages over time, without you having to lift a finger.  Just set up the time difference between messages and XSellerate will take it from there.  But try sending a combination of both e-mail and printed items.  Send a postcard and then follow up later with the same or similar ad in an e-mail.  Don't be surprised if you get a better response rate, and XSellerate will let you do it easily.  It works for us, and it will for you too.

Do:  Customize your ads
XSellerate has over 300 customizable ads.  And while they're all professionally written and designed, there's no way we could make a single ad that works for everyone.  Inserting your own logo is a great start.  And don't be afraid to completely rewrite the text we've included in an ad.  Use it as a starting point if you like, and rewrite it in your own tone of voice and try to include language that may be specific to your particular market area.  None of the ads are long, and can be edited quickly.  Customization makes an ad your own, and it will show when your recipients read them. 

Don't:  Mismanage your list
Getting the best return on your marketing is tied directly to the quality of the list you're using.  XSellerate uses your XSite's Contacts database, and you can place different contacts into different Groups (like Divorce Attorneys or Agents for Pre-Listing Appraisals), or define them as different Types (Agents, Lenders, Clients and so on).  Your lists are priceless because without good lists, you'll have a much harder time delivering the right message to the right person, and you won't get the results you want.   

Don't:  Send pieces that aren't relevant to your audience
Sending the wrong kind of ad to the wrong kind of person leaves them with the impression that you don't know what they need and don't have your act together.  That's not the impression you want to leave at all.  List management plays a big part in this.  An attorney isn't going to be interested in the same kind of ad as a local credit union would.  And all you're doing is wasting their time and that bit of precious attention span that you had when they glanced at your postcard in the mail or e-mail in their inbox.  Just make sure to pay attention to who's getting what, and ask yourself if what you're sending is something they'd be interested in receiving. 

Do:  Send to your WinTOTAL contacts
The contacts in your WinTOTAL contacts database are perhaps your most valuable contacts of all.  These are people you've done business with.  Try sending them a "Thanks for your business" campaign so that they know you appreciate them as a client, and remind them to use you again.  This is especially beneficial when sending to clients who haven't ordered from you in a while.  Don't be surprised if they send some orders your way because they enjoyed working with you in the past and have made a lasting relationship.

Also, XSellerate includes the ability import from WinTOTAL the addresses of properties you've appraised in the past.  How many reports are in your database?  Hundreds?  Thousands?  Once exported to XSellerate, you can print "Current Resident" mailing labels for each address, and then pick from three pre-written letters telling the homeowners, "I've appraised your home in the past, and would love to come out and tell you what the current value of your largest investment is, given the changes in the market over the last few years."  And of course you can use our pre-written letters or postcards as a starting point to rewrite them yourself.

Last, take advantage of our free marketing training webinars on  Time and again, those that take those webinars and put our advice to work get better results, which means making more money and having more long term stability.  Taking control of your future and of your revenue hinges on marketing, now more than ever, and we're here to help you make that a reality.