Nine things to let your clients know

The saying goes that the best car salesman can get you excited about the fact the vehicle you're looking at has four wheels.

You're probably not a salesperson, but there is marketing and sales potential in many of the things you do every day. All you have to do is recognize what they are and then communicate them to clients and potential clients.

There are a couple good reasons to blow your own horn. Something may be routine to you, but if you told your clients about it, they would probably be impressed. Communicating often, about almost anything, accomplishes getting your name in front of people you want to hire you. Then when they want to order an appraisal, you are what's called "front of mind."

Here are 9 ideas for things you can shoot a quick e-mail or give a quick phone call off about that you might not have thought of.

1. Taken any CE lately? Probably. Why keep it to yourself? So and so from your office recently completed 15 credit hours of education on Sales Comparison Valuation of Small Mixed Use Properties. It may make you—or whoever took the class—yawn, but let your client know. There's marketing value in demonstrating that you keep up your education to better serve them.

2. Hired any help? Definitely don't pass up the opportunity to shoot off a "so and so recently joined our office" announcement. If you're hiring, that means you're busy and profitable. It also means you have the ability to serve your clients better.

3. Upgraded to WinTOTAL Aurora? Use that. Our office recently upgraded to version 6.0 of the industry's leading formfilling and appraisal management software. It shows you invest in and take your technology seriously. Do this with any significant change in technology, like new servers or XSite with online ordering.

4. Recently renewed your license? A short e-mail announcing this may seem pretty unexciting, but it tells clients you're in good standing and keeping up with your regulatory responsibilities. There's a level of trust in that. And, remember, it gets your name, e-mail, phone and web address in front of them.

5. Got new forms? Whichever software you use, you may have access to a new non-mortgage residential form (or a whole series of forms in letter and legal size).

6. Made changes to your website? Let the people you hope will visit it know. Our office website has a new look, or six new content pages, or—here's a big one—we now accept payment online for appraisal reports.

7. Covering a new county? You can't pass up the chance to let clients know. The ones who like using you for Green County may need someone in Purple County next week and will be delighted to hear you're taking assignments there now. But if you don't let them know, they'll just hit their Rolodex as usual, and you won't get that call.

8. You did how many appraisals last month? If this is an impressive number, then let clients know. Again, the value is in showing that you're busy, and a lot of other clients rely on you, just like they can.

9. Recently developed a book of new business? If you've been doing more REO appraisals, or relocation appraisals, or divorce appraisals, lately, then let people know that's now an important part of your practice. You never know which of your clients are looking for someone they trust to do different kinds of assignments for them.


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