Pages That Matter

In the Appraiser XSite Wizard, there are dozens of pre-written pages you can add to your site. But which ones do your visitors really want to see? To find out, we looked at millions of visits to our customer’s Appraiser XSites and identified a couple of pages you’ll want to get the most out of today.

Order an Appraisal: Across all XSites, this was the third most trafficked page, right behind “Home” and “Contact Us”. Even if someone is calling you instead of ordering online, they’re likely seeing this page first. Most appraisers don’t realize they can customize the text that appears above the order form ­— just click the page when you’re in the content selection step of the wizard. Use this space to tell people they can call for a quote, or explain when you might have to charge differently than your typical fee, or instruct the visitor on how to best fill out the order. Make sure to customize this page because statistically, they see a lot of traffic.

Staff Profiles: The staff profiles page also ranks highly for trafficked pages. Customizing it means a little more work for you, but it’s well worth the effort. The “Staff Profiles” template has a list of everyone in your office, a place for their photo and a quick bio. To see a good example of this page in action, check out The fact is people want to order products and services from other people, not a nameless, faceless organization. You don’t need studio quality portrait photos. Just take a friendly, nice looking photo of everyone in your office and get them on your website. Credible, authentic photos of real people carry more marketing weight in this circumstance than perfect portraits. And don’t worry about a complete bio for each person because you can always go back and edit later. Just be brief and get your staff profiles page started because your clients and potential clients want to know who you are.

Local Content: My final page recommendation is to activate one of our pre-written “local content” pages. This isn’t because your audience is demanding it — but Google is. Local, relevant content that’s specific to you and your expertise is a proven way to send your site to the top of the search engines. In Step 6 of the Wizard, we’ve got 42 local pages to choose from (with more on the way). If we don’t have your area yet, choose one that’s close and customize it. And even if we have your area exactly, you’ll want to replace our default text with informational verbiage from a local’s perspective (and don’t forget to ask them to order an appraisal!) to get maximum benefit.

Thousands of you have other pages that are most popular on your XSite and many have created new pages that draw traffic and convert leads like magic. We want to know about them! Drop us a line at Also, post your page with your questions on our Facebook fan page at You’ll get instant opinions and advice from real estate professionals across the country, so it’s a great opportunity to get real-time feedback from a huge community of your peers. Good luck, keep experimenting, and don’t forget to let us know your results.