Presto-Change-o:  Apex to DaVinci

In November of 2007, we revealed DaVinci as the newest member of our product line. Since that announcement, thousands of appraisers across the country have downloaded and installed DaVinci, making it their primary sketcher for report creation. We're thrilled with the adoption and usage of the product.

But while we're pleased with the initial response we've seen with DaVinci, we're not done improving it. In fact, we still get plenty of feedback from the thousands of appraisers all over the country who use it. I'm sure you don't find that surprising at all.

Right now we're working on two of your common requests:
1. More symbols in the library
2. A converter that allows you to re-use old sketches from other formats inside DaVinci

Currently in our lab we're putting the finishing touches on a tool that converts sketches from other formats into DaVinci. This means you'll be able to open reports containing legacy sketches (like Apex), then edit and save these sketches right in DaVinci, without having to use another sketcher. After conversion, your older sketches will show up in DaVinci as if they started out there.


In the File menu we've added an "Import Sketch" option that lets you browse to any Apex sketch, or any WinTOTAL file containing an Apex sketch, and open it in DaVinci. Or, if you've currently selected DaVinci as your default sketcher in WinTOTAL, DaVinci will open any legacy Apex sketch file without even prompting you. We're currently able to convert Apex versions 2, 3, and 4. Eventually, we plan to support the conversion of other file formats as well. And while we can't give away the final version of the converter for free, it will be extremely affordable - under $50. We're testing it internally now and will make it available on our labs site for you to try out in the near future. Go to if you'd like to be notified when a labs preview version of the converter is ready as a free download.


DaVinci already has a standard set of symbols. But we know you'd like to have more than what's in there now. We've been getting a lot of requests for that. So we're building a larger library of symbols, including those you request most. Those include more types of stairs, ceiling fans, autos, furnishings, and more to help make your sketches even more polished and professional.


Remember, all current users of WinTOTAL get DaVinci Desktop Standard at no charge. In fact, we already installed it for you as part of a recent WinTOTAL update. To use DaVinci, go to the Sketch PowerView and click the "Sketch With" button. Then choose DaVinci from the list. To learn more about DaVinci, find help docs, and watch tutorial videos, visit