Resources To Continue The Fight

As we said in our May article “31,000 respond to the HVCC,” tens of thousands of appraisers made their voices heard in opposition to the HVCC.  You should be congratulated for such a phenomenal response.  But the fight is far from over, and there’s still much to be done.  As an appraiser, you can’t afford to sit back and assume others will press the action for you.  Before and after the Memorial Day weekend we sent out alerts to appraisers in key states, urging them to contact their Senators while they were in their home districts for the holiday.  As the struggle against the HVCC grinds on, it’s going to be progressively more important for you to contact your elected representatives and deliver pointed, reasoned, memorable arguments against the HVCC and the damage it will wreak on small businesses and consumers in your home state. 

We’ve put together a website for you with the resources you need to continue the fight to modify the HVCC.  Visit today.

From there, you can:

  • Contact your officials and send them your comments
  • Access national and regional alerts about legislation impacting appraisers
  • Get the documents you’ll need to prepare yourself for a meeting with your Congressional representatives
  • Download materials to send to officials and members of the media that outline why the HVCC must be changed
  • Add buttons to your own website to rally support for appraisal independence and changing the HVCC
  • Reach out to the media