Cost Cutting Part 2:  Saving Money With WinTOTAL

In the May issue, our article "Realistic Ways To Cut Costs" highlighted a number of creative ways appraisers are saving money. In continuing with that theme, I wanted to remind WinTOTAL users of two simple ways already at your fingertips to cut down on paper, ink/toner and storage costs.

The first is WinTOTAL's Digital Workfile. Instead of storing a paper copy of the final report and reams of supporting documents in rows of huge metal file cabinets often accompanied by boxes of folders stacked in your garage, attic or a costly storage unit, use our Digital Workfile technology and save it electronically. It is 2008 after all, and you probably have reports backed up digitally as well. So you're paying twice when you only need to pay once.

To access the Digital Workfile in your report, just click the Workfile PowerView while in your report or the Digital Workfile tab at the bottom of your Appraisal Desktop. From here you can browse your hard drive or network for any file you want to add to your Digital Workfile. Images, PDFs, Word documents, or any other type of file can be added. You can also drag and drop files in directly, or scan them in to your workfile.

Click here to see more about the Digital Workfile and how you can use it to save money and time.

As you know, much of your support and research is on printed paper, like MLS sheets. Using a sheet feeding scanner will convert it all into a digital format like a PDF or an image very quickly, which you can then add to your Digital Workfile easily. But if you have an Enterprise Appraiser XSite, there's an even easier and less expensive way - DirectFax.

DirectFax uses your fax machine like a scanner to convert your paper into PDF. From within your report's Digital Workfile PowerView, you can print a DirectFax cover page that includes a bar code and a toll free 800 number. The bar code is unique to you and your specific report. Simply take all your paper documents, put the cover page on top, and fax it all to the 800 number. You're actually faxing the documents to your XSite's server, where it's all converted into a PDF. WinTOTAL will then pull that PDF into your report's Digital Workfile automatically for you. No printing, scanning or browsing.

The best part is that with everything saved in your report's Digital Workfile, backing up your reports backs up your workfile digitally as well. Did you know that when you deliver your report, a PDF is saved to your Digital Workfile automatically? Converting to a paperless workfile is simple and a great way to cut down on unnecessary costs. If you're not using the Digital Workfile in WinTOTAL, it's definitely worth a look to see how it can help you cut costs.

Editor's note:  Don't have WinTOTAL?  You can get a free trial here.