Seven Things I Like About This XSite

As the Appraiser XSites Product Manager, I often browse through customers' sites and look for anything out of the ordinary or innovative. Recently, I came across, owned by Russell Kitzberger, and immediately noticed a lot of things they were doing right. Let's take a look:

1. Notice that coverage areas are in the page title. Search engines love this, and it is no mistake that this site ranks high. It's also one of our top trafficked sites.

2. This XSite implements the rarely used theme titled "Advanced". Contrary to the name, it's actually a simple theme that limits navigation to key links at the top of the page, freeing up horizontal space normally taken by secondary navigation for home page content.

3. The Pointer Appraisal logo has been skillfully incorporated into the site header, providing branding and a graphic element.

4. Short and to the point, the copy on the home page hits key points like coverage area, service differentiators, and professional qualifications.

5. This "Free Fee Quote" link is actually a lead capture form. In the process of getting details on a potential assignment, contact information is collected so that Pointer Appraisal can market to them.

6. This area of the home page actually cycles through several graphics. This one highlights the type of analysis that establishes them as a market expert and adds credibility to their practice.

7. This graphic not only shows coverage area, but it also balances out the page. To accomplish this simple, well-executed layout, borderless tables were used.