Spotlight:  WinTOTAL Users Group

On a daily basis, appraisers find themselves confronted with questions about job assignments, the industry, software and technology, or just want to share "war stories" with their peers. And because many are "one man shops", they often don't get the opportunity to interact with other appraisers on a daily basis. That's why the WinTOTAL Users Group exists. 

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But don't think it's all about WinTOTAL. It's a topic of discussion at times, but more often it's about actual appraising, managing your business, dealing with clients, or understanding what's happening in the industry. And with over 3,300 members, it's probably the largest and most collaborative online discussion group for appraisers anywhere. Just ask Paul James of Farmington, NM. "The help the WTUG has given me is priceless. Many posts contain information I can apply in my daily work. And because there are so many members from across the country, the friendly discussion and help you'll find is almost limitless. The forum is awesome."

Ask any member for their opinion on the group and you'll likely get a similar response. The WTUG was started in 2000 by appraiser Brian Davis, and he still serves as the moderator to this day. And while we participate as a vendor, it's not "our" forum - it's completely "by appraisers, for appraisers."

So whether you're a WinTOTAL user or not, you'll find it to be a positive, knowledgeable and supportive group, no matter what the topic. We highly recommend you visit here and join. You'll be part of a fantastic community.