StreetLinks Chooses a la mode's MercuryDirect For Native XML

Oklahoma City, OK — a la mode announced today that StreetLinks Lender Solutions has chosen to launch a MercuryDirect plugin to receive the Native XML appraisal data needed for streamlined compliance with the GSEs’ new mandatory UMDP initiative.

StreetLinks’ MercuryDirect plugin is a custom application that provides direct access to the largest nationwide network of real estate appraisers. Using the MercuryDirect plugin’s ability to integrate custom rule sets directly into report delivery, StreetLinks’ extensive quality control rules run against every appraisal report prior to delivery. After passing the QC checks, the plugin bundles both PDF and Native MISMO 2.6 XML formats into the transmitted file, and then delivers it to the StreetLinks platform.

Jennifer Miller, EVP of Products for a la mode’s Mortgage Solutions Division, welcomed StreetLinks to the Mercury Network platform. “We’re pleased that an industry leader such as StreetLinks recognizes the immediate benefits to their clients of receiving Native XML from the most qualified appraisers in the nation. Beyond just GSE compliance, Streetlinks’ focus on appraisal quality and streamlined workflow serves their clients very well.”

StreetLinks COO, Tony Ebeyer noted, “A large percentage of our appraiser partners utilize a la mode’s industry leading desktop appraisal applications and tools. Our MercuryDirect plugin will eliminate delays and errors that are inherent in the PDF to XML conversion process. UAD-compliant XML data will flow seamlessly from the appraiser’s report creation software to the GSEs. The result is a huge increase in efficiency and 100% data accuracy, which is a win for everyone involved, including the appraiser, the lender, and the GSEs.”

StreetLinks’ MercuryDirect plugin will be live and ready to receive appraisals in October. For more information on MercuryDirect or receiving XML directly from appraisers, visit


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