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August/September Caption Contest:

"If'n it ain't on the ground, tornadoes can't get to it!"

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Thanks to H. Dante Kahn, III of Pensacola, who sent us the great pic:

While out driving for comp pics the other day in a river front community I stumbled across this dwelling with an escape system of sorts.  We have tried to classify the dwelling with little success.  It is most definitely a one off dwelling!  The river runs behind this dwelling and while all the homes are on pilings in the area, none have an integrated RV like this one!  Please enter this in the best photo contest and send me $500 if it wins! I can't imagine the captions that could be written for it, but it would be very difficult to appraise and find comps for to say the least!


June Caption Winner:

Winner | Submitted By: Thomas Vogel, Quest Performance Group

Caption: "Austin has become a drain and Texas is sinking. Question is, "What is Texas sinking about?"
Photo submitted by Dave Cullins.


May Photo

Winner | Submitted By: Jeff Playford (Mesa, AZ)
Caption:“Nope, still no tax refund.”
Photo submitted by Don Clark.


April Photo

If you drank too much raise your hand

Winner | Submitted By: Joe Altick (Reno, NV)
Caption: Instructor Erik Nafobyia leads the class in the "I've got a spider on my back" dance, a routine common after attic and crawl space inspections.  This version is appropriate for forms 1004, 1073, and 1025.  For the 1004C, a version developed in West Texas is preferred.  It is initiated by a scream of "snake" in the falsetto voice of a 9 year old girl, this is quickly followed by a vigorous beating of the head against the undercarraige of the subject property, thereby dislodging spiders, scorpions, and centipedes which sought refuge from the sun there.  Once these refugees are firmly attached and evenly distributed over the head, neck and back, the appraiser shimmies into the open where he/she flails and yelps like a salt-shot dog and commences a heavy metal version of the "spider on my back" dance.

Runner up: | Submitted By: Leesa Ashley
Caption: "Does this badge make me look fat?"