Survey Will Reveal What Works, What Doesn’t in Appraisal Marketing

We've put together a short Web-based survey that we're asking appraisers to complete. Responses will be used to deliver you the kind of marketing information and tools you'll find most useful and which will make you the most new business and revenue.

To take the survey, click here.

Your responses will be completely anonymous if you so choose. The last question asks if we can contact you to follow up on some of your answers, but if you say no, we won't even know who you are.

We want to identify trends in marketing and advertising spending, where you're devoting most of your marketing budget and attention, what you're missing and how we might be able to help through these newsletters, other marketing publications and information.

There are 25 questions, most multiple choice, and the survey shouldn't take you more than five minutes to complete. If you can help us gather reliable information on this increasingly important topic, please click here.
Thanks in advance for your participation!