An XSite With A Purpose

I love it when a customer does something original with an XSite. It's inspiring to see customers do things out of the box with their business and then extend that innovation onto the web. So, when we found Hillary Koester's, I knew we needed to spotlight her efforts.

A lot of XSites out there mention tax appeals as a service. But makes tax appeals THE product. You can tell Hillary knows her audience (consumers feeling squeezed by taxes) and exactly what their hot buttons are. It couldn't be more direct.

Of course, Hillary also knows a tax challenge can be scary for a consumer. Therefore, she lists the tax challenge steps explicitly and breaks her service levels down to three options. She also mentions being state licensed, which may not be obvious to the public. She also offers a guarantee. A guarantee on an appraisal? Well, not quite, but it's reassuring to "Joe Consumer" that Tax Appeal Express won't take their money and run.

To top it all off, Hillary took her marketing to the next level and advertised on the RADIO. Needless to say, Tax Appeal Express is staying busy these days.