The Holidays Are A Great Opportunity To Launch XSellerate

Ahh, the holiday season is here. It's time for food, family and... following up with clients and prospects. As Dave's article on The Appraisal Wheel mentions, marketing is a critical part of your success. The holidays give you the perfect opportunity to use XSellerate to automatically market yourself, keep your name on people's minds, thank them for their business, and remind them to use you for all their appraisal needs. Even if you haven't talked to a client in months or years, the holidays are a great time to reconnect without being awkward. Remember, just because you may not like "fluffy holiday greetings," your clients and consumers typically do.

XSellerate comes with dozens of holiday-themed e-mails. We've already set up a "Ready Made" campaign that will send out greetings for all the general holidays so all you have to do is select your contacts. You don't even have to mess with scheduling each ad - XSellerate does it for you.

All the ads are 100% customizable, as well as easy to create from scratch with our editor, so you can truly make it personal if you want. Remember, it's always good to include some kind of "call to action." Whether it's simply "Visit us online at..." or "Order your next appraisal with us," make sure to include something that urges them to contact you or order an appraisal.

If you own an Enterprise XSite, you already have XSellerate, so what's stopping you from sending out some easy holiday marketing? You'll be amazed at the response. If you don't have XSellerate, go to to learn more, or give us a call at 1-800-ALAMODE.