ThinkPad X61 Works Great With DaVinci

In order to integrate DaVinci Mobile Pro into my workflow, I recently purchased the Lenovo ThinkPad X61 convertible tablet PC. I really can't say enough about the X61. Not only has it proved to be a top performing lightweight tablet, but it's much cheaper than competing models.

At first I thought "smaller would be better" because I wanted the device to be lighter and easier to tote. So I tried an ultra mobile PC (UMPC), but didn't care for it. I found that the X61 allows me to easily rest the unit on my forearm and hand instead of bearing all of the weight on my hand. I was concerned about it being bulky and difficult to carry while measuring and inspecting; it's not. I think that this is the perfect compromise in size. The available "Tablet Sleeve" accessory is essentially a protective case and straps comfortably to my hand.

The 12 inch screen is easy to read with an amazing 1400 x 1050 resolution and the standard "Superview Screen" is visible in direct sunlight. I've never had trouble viewing the screen indoors or out. While most other hardware companies charge extra for the outdoor screen, Lenovo offers it as the standard for no additional cost.

In addition to using DaVinci Mobile Pro on this tablet, I also run WinTOTAL. Both work great. Since the X61 is as powerful as many desktops, I have installed all of my other programs. I am always surprised at how fast this tablet runs even the most resource-intensive programs. In addition, the built-in microphone works great with the FieldPad feature in DaVinci, allowing me to take voice notes that go automatically into the Digital Workfile.

I turn on my tablet in the morning and then put it into sleep mode. Once arriving at my inspection, a quick swipe of my fingerprint wakes it up it's ready to go in less than 5 seconds. Even with 5 or more inspections a day, I rarely have to recharge on the go. I mostly use this tablet in "slate" mode, but it's nice to know that if I need to do some intensive typing I can convert to "laptop" mode and type away.

The only downfall I have experienced is that the outdoor screen smudges easily. It's more noticeable when the unit is shut off, and never hinders my work. But it's annoying, as I have to clean the screen 2-3 times a week.

I highly recommend the X61. The X61 is not only a great tablet for field work, but is more than capable of replacing your current laptop as well.

Must Have Options:
Extended 8 Cell Battery
Tablet Sleeve
At least 2 GB RAM (upgrade)

Options to Consider:
Bluetooth option for Disto, head set, GPS, etc
Spare charger and power inverter for
your vehicle
Spare Digitizer Pen

Remember: Elite partners get DaVinci Mobile Pro for free. And any WinTOTAL license allows you to install it on your tablet, your laptop, your office computer, or any networked computer you use at no additional cost.

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