Want To Easily Get 40% More Leads?  Here’s How

We hear it all the time. XSite owners and appraisers in general are always asking us, "How can I get more leads out of my website?" Lately, my answer has been, "Well, how is your website fishing for leads? Are you using a single pole with a fishhook, or are you casting a wide net?"

Let's use the art of fishing as a metaphor when it comes to generating leads. If you bait a hook and cast it into the big lake, you have to sit there and wait for a fish to come strolling by, take notice, and hopefully nibble on the bait. If he nibbles hard enough, you might be able to hook him. Maybe. But we've all heard fish stories about how "the big one" got away. With this method, sometimes the fishing is excellent and sometimes the fisherman sits there all day, waiting, and eventually goes home empty handed. And there is usually more than one fisherman with his pole in the water. More hooks in the water means less chance the fish will nibble on yours.

Now compare that method of fishing to the way the big commercial fishermen do it. They take huge nets and drag them through the water and pull up hundreds of fish by force. The fish didn't have to do anything to get caught; he was just minding his own business. He was fat and happy where he was, nibbling at nothing and all of the sudden - bam - he's become somebody's catch.


If you've merely set up your website and turned it loose on the World Wide Web, you're fishing with a pole and a hook. You're virtually waiting for somebody to stumble onto your site and nibble. That may get you some leads, depending on a number of factors. But if you want to gather geometrically more leads, you need to use the "net" method. You need to drag visitors to your site.

Just like the fishing business, there are commercial websites out there that do a good job of using the "net" method of dragging customers to their site. I'm sure you can remember times when you received an e-mail from big outfits like Amazon or eBay and read it and thought, "Looks interesting, let's check it out." In one click you find yourself on their site, shopping for product. Usually they've done a good job of matching the product to the e-mail recipient's needs. Many times I read that message from Amazon and wonder how they knew I was looking for that very item. It's almost magic. That's the "net" method at work. Thousands of customers are being dumped onto the site, and the site isn't merely parked out there, waiting for somebody to bite.

Who is actually sending those messages from Amazon and eBay and all those other big outfits? In reality, we know that nobody is sending them. No person, that is. Instead, it's software that does the job. The software program matches products to identified groups of customers, creates the e-mail message, sends it, and then tracks it to see how successful it is. The actual manager reads tracking reports from the software, makes adjustments and watches the money come in.

We created XSellerate to give you that same power. XSellerate uses that "net" method of dragging the right people to your site. It sends specific marketing campaigns to identified groups of people and then tracks it to see how successful it is. And it does it all automatically.

We know XSellerate works and generates business. Our data shows XSite owners who have at least one active XSellerate campaign generate, on average, 40% more leads than sites without XSellerate marketing. That's an impressive statistic, but it really shouldn't surprise anybody. XSellerate pulls people to your site. That's always more effective that simply waiting for somebody to stumble onto it.

We designed XSellerate to be dirt simple. Setting up marketing campaigns takes minutes. Once activated, XSellerate goes to work, keeping you informed with updates along the way.

In order to make XSellerate really powerful, we recommend you categorize your contacts into groups. The XSite contact manager lets you create as many groups as you want. You may want a group called "Previous Customers" or "Attorneys" or "Lenders in Davis County" or whatever you need. You can set up your groups in the Contacts screen of the XSite Admin. You'll find it under the "Tools" pulldown menu.

Once you have your groups created, you'll want to assign contacts to their respective groups. You can do that by editing the contact (just double-click it in the Contacts screen) and then clicking on "Member of Groups." You can also mass-import a new set of contacts into a specific group. If you have a spreadsheet of attorneys, for example, you can use the Contact Import tool and specify that you want to import them into your Attorneys group. Contact Import is also found under the "Tools" pulldown menu. Before the actual import process begins, you'll be given the option of associating the contacts with a specific group.

Creating a marketing campaign is simple. We've done our best to do most of the legwork for you. To get started, go to the XSellerate screen in the XSite admin and click on "Create new campaign."

  1. The Campaign Wizard is only two steps. First, pick which contacts you want to get the marketing. This is where the groups feature becomes powerful. You can add individual contacts to the campaign, but it's much easier to pick the Attorneys group from the list than to scroll through every contact looking for attorneys.
  2. The second step is where you pick the content you want to send. In XSellerate we have hundreds of prewritten ads in the library for you to choose from. They're categorized by topic and type of recipient, so it's a snap to find attorney related ads for your attorney group, for example. You can add as many ads as you want to your campaign. You'll also want to click on the "Schedule Delivery" button and specify how far apart you want each ad to be sent.

Once you've completed those two steps, simply click the "Activate" button and XSellerate goes to work. You'll get a weekly message from XSellerate telling you what messages have been sent, who read them, and who clicked back to your site for more information (Yes, we automatically put your website URL in every ad in the library).

Later on, you may add more contacts to a group. When you do, associated marketing will go out automatically. For example, when you add another lawyer to your Attorneys group of contacts, that new contact will immediately start getting the campaign you already set up. No need to create a new campaign.

Naturally, we think XSellerate is well worth the purchase price. One converted new lead would cover the cost. Since XSellerate users are seeing an average increase of 40% more leads, you can easily see the value. For more information, including a tutorial video, go to www.alamode.com/XSellerate.