Website Must-Have:  A Call to Action

In the April issue of AppraisalPress, we published, “Is Your Website Getting Orders? 3 Ways To Keep From Missing Out”. We wrote it for people that were about to give up on the web because they weren’t getting orders on their XSite.

A quick recap:

1. You must get people to visit your site. That means you have to beat the pavement a bit and get people or other websites talking about you. And if you want Google to show you in search results, you’ll need to customize your site beyond the default template.

2. A website exists for more than just entering orders. A lot of your clients may not type orders into your site. But, that doesn’t stop you from allowing them to use your site to check status and provide customer service online. Plus, the most visited pages on an XSite include the "Contact Us" and "Staff Profiles" pages. That means people are finding you online and then calling in.

3. A website is not just for new clients. Your XSite can help you build loyalty with existing clients by giving them a place to check on orders, make payments and get market analyses.

Now, we’d like to follow up and add #4 to this list...

4. Add an obvious “call to action”. When someone hits your website, make sure they know you want them to order online or contact you for a quote. Having a small menu item for “Order Online” or “Contact Us” isn’t enough.

A call to action needs to stand out and be obvious to the site visitor — don’t make them look for it! If you need to call attention to a text link, use white space around it, or don’t include much else on the page. If you want someone to contact you, try one of the XSite Client Data Capture forms.

To demonstrate, look at the XSite from our “makeover” article here. Ron wanted site visitors to see his FHA approved page, so we put that page’s link at the top left by his picture. He also wanted people to know they could order online and that he had a sweepstakes, so we used graphics from the XSite clipart library in the “custom content” area of the XSites Dynamic Content module. We also employed the XSite custom footer feature so we could use graphics to show that Ron is an RAA and accepts credit cards.

Take a look at your own site now and ask yourself if the call to action is obvious. If it’s not, try one or more of these simple techniques to boost your site’s effectiveness.