What About Bob?

On February 20th of this year, Bob McClanahan celebrated 14 years with a la mode in technical support. After 16 years with Sears Roebuck, it was time to get into something different. “I took an appraisal class, became licensed, but wasn’t having any luck getting into the business. Then I saw an ad: a la mode was looking for technicians. I figured my schooling would be useful, so here I am.”

Bob’s favorite part of the job? “Getting to know the customers over the years, and being the guy with the answers”. In the last 14 years, Bob has taken nearly 80,000 calls on every product since TOTAL 2000 DOS. When asked what his most memorable call was he said, “A customer called in from the hospital. He’d been mugged and the only number he could remember was a la mode’s.” Bob helped him get in touch with his wife, and even followed up with him later to make sure he was OK.

We asked Bob what advice he has for appraisers during these tough times and he said, “I’ve seen these slowdowns before. We all have to weather it out together. I talk to appraisers all the time who are doing all the right things to adjust, like using Mercury Network and their XSite to market themselves and get jobs.” He adds, “It’s nice to work for a company who helps their customers adapt to different market conditions and succeed.”

“Honestly, Bob is like an urban legend in the tech department”, stated his team lead, Colin Hutchins. Since he works the overnight shift, he’s the man everyone hears about, but rarely sees. “I can’t begin to pick a favorite quality of Bob’s”, stated Colin. “He just exudes a Zen calmness that few people match.”

One of his favorite memories with a la mode was his 10 year anniversary party. “I’ve really enjoyed being a part of all of the new product releases, and reading through the survey responses from my calls over the years.” Bob adds, “Getting a ‘thank you’ from a customer always makes my day.”