What is this “Quick Tips?”

Did you know we've trained thousands of appraisers in our marketing courses, whether in webinars, recorded seminars, conventions or town hall meetings?  There's a ton of content that comes from our training courses that will help you get more orders and keep clients happy and coming back, so we wanted to begin consolidating some of it in one spot for you.  Joel Baker, one of our trainers here, has a small blog and we want to share that content on AppraisalPress so you can benefit from it to. 

Want more?  Enroll in the free training courses.  The attendees rave about what they get and there are so many options to suit any schedule.  You can participate in a live online session and ask the instructors questions, or you can watch recorded versions anytime.  Go to www.alamode.com/training and sign up now.

Enjoy these quick tips and as always, your feedback is welcome.