Who’s Seeing You?  How To Read Your XSite’s Traffic Reports

Your Appraiser XSite contains a powerful, easy-to-use statistics package that will tell you everything you need to know about your XSite’s performance. With Appraiser XSite Stats, you can tell where your visitors are coming from, what they’re searching for, how many have visited, and much more. Use this data to improve your XSite content, buy advertising, or place phone numbers and lead capture forms. To get to your XSite stats, log in to your XSite, click the top XSite button, then Stats. Read on for details about each pane in the stats package, and how you can use them to improve your XSite.

Page Views are the most basic measure of traffic to your XSite. It’s the total number of pages that visitors have viewed on your XSite. For example: If a potential client visits your home page, clicks to your coverage area, then back to your home page, the visit will count as 3 page views. If that visitor comes back to your site later, his or her visit will be counted as an additional page view. Note that page views are different than “hits.” People use the word “hits” in different ways, but in website analytics, a “hit” is a measure of the total number of files requested from a server. Since a single web page comprises between 5 and 25 (or more) images, scripts, style sheets and other files, the number of “hits” is meaningless. Rather, focus on page views for raw traffic information.

When you first load your XSite Statistics, you’ll notice that Page Views are sorted alphabetically by page title. To sort by most or least traffic, click “Today” or one of the “Days” numbers above the column. A blue arrow will appear, indicating that you are sorting by the column indicated. When the blue arrow is pointing up, it is sorting by least amount of traffic. When it is pointing down, it is sorting by the largest amount of traffic.

Below are statistics from a real appraiser’s XSite. Note the blue arrow to the right of the “Pages”, indicating the Page Views are sorted alphabetically. Notice that his blog and his homepage have enormous amounts of traffic. The content on both of these pages is updated regularly, which search engines like, and results in more traffic. Identifying what works and what doesn’t can only be done by being able to track your site’s traffic.

Page view stats from your Appraiser XSite
Knowing which of your pages get viewed helps you fine-tune your site, replicating what works, and modifying what doesn't.

Entry Pages are those that your visitors see when they first come to your site. You might be surprised to learn that visitors come to pages other than your home page. For this reason, every page on your XSite is a potential home page. If you notice that a particular page is getting a lot of page views, consider updating and customizing the content, adding a lead capture form and your phone number. Note that you can (and should) sort Entry Pages the same way you sort page views. Also, First Time Visitors and Returning Visitors are measured by IP address. So people who share a computer will be counted as a single visitor.

Referring URLs are the websites that have linked to your website. Sort these by 90 days, and you’ll see a pattern. External links are great for your search engine rankings. If you don’t see many referring URLs here, you should ask your partners and friends for links to your site. Also, be sure to link from your LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media accounts.

Common Search Phrases are the keywords visitors have used on search engines to find your XSite. You can use this information in two ways: First, if you rank high for given keywords, it will be cheaper to advertise with those keywords on Google AdWords. Second, if people are consistently finding your site with words like “Georgetown home values,” you should write a custom content page that talks about values in Georgetown. Be sure to include a lead generation form and prominently feature your phone number on this page. Take advantage of traffic you’re already getting.

Your XSite’s stats provide a very easy-to-use view into the performance of your XSite. If you’ve followed our advice and want to know even more, you can take your XSite’s stats to the next level by installing Google Analytics. Be aware that Google Analytics is much more complex, but it can be worth it if you are willing to invest the time. For instructions, visit www.alamode.com/XSiteAnalytics.