WinTOTAL’s Unique Comps Side By Side View Is A Hit

As lenders ask for more comps in reports to further justify your opinion of value, our Comps side by side view has become indispensable.  With our side by side view, you can load as many comps as you want into your appraisal.  And from one horizontally scrolling screen you can view, weight, edit and adjust them without having to jump back and forth between your 1004 and additional comparables pages.  Also, our auto-adjuster lets you create, save and load adjustment templates to help make entering line-item adjustments faster.  In fact, our comps tools are one of the most commonly cited reasons that appraisers switch from ACI, ClickFORMS or Day One.

Click here to see it in action.

Another major benefit is that WinTOTAL stores comps you discard in the report’s Digital Workfile.  “I regularly load seven or more comps into appraisals up front, and then get rid of several,” said Michael Barnes, an appraiser in Lawton, OK.  “I like knowing the comps I don’t use are kept in the Digital Workfile, so my research gets saved.  If a client calls me up and wants me to include more comps, I can hit the Digital Workfile, restore the comps I didn’t use, and resend the appraisal in minutes.  It’s simple.”

The Comps side by side view is loaded with features that make working with comps easier and minimize the hassle of doing repetitive data entry.    For more specific details look below, or visit to download a free WinTOTAL trial.