XSite Of The Month (April 08)

Ed Odham, Home Analytics

This month's XSite is owned by Ed Odham of Charlotte, NC. His site does all the things we recommend, like having home page content customized to his area and services, including his company logo, having logical site navigation and customizing his keywords.

But what really caught our eye is the fact that Ed uses his XSite to market his non-traditional appraisal products - specifically measurement and floorplan services. And he's created a lot of unique custom content to attract clients to use his services.

When we talked to Ed, he said his measurement and floorplan services have been keeping him busier than ever. Most of his business is coming through the website and even with the mortgage market downturn, he says he has enough volume for 16 hour days. Plus, he's just getting busier and busier because clients that order the floorplans come back later and be­come regular appraisal clients, too.

This is the kind of success story we like to see, and is a great example of finding the opportunity in change. Great job Ed.

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