XSite Tips

Believe it or not, you have access to change what Google says about you. Just like every page has its own content, every page has its own Page Title and Page Description. The Page Title is your Google listing. It’s the link in blue that shows up as the main entry for that page, and it’s also what a user will click to come to your site.

Although we provide a default Page Title for every page on your XSite, I recommend replacing that text with your own. Lead off with your main service area, followed by your name. For instance: “Houston Appraisal — VC Appraisals — Joel Baker, SRA” will be more helpful than the pre-written text. Here’s another hint: The first three or four words of the Page Title are likely to be pulled as the main keywords for that page, so, again, lead off with your service area first, followed by your name.

To access a Page Title, open a page for content editing, then scroll down to the bottom of the window. It’s right above the “Save” options.