Weird Appraisal Photo Winner (and Runners Up)

The Big Winner: A Minnesota Yurt

A modern yurt

This is actually a somewhat common improvement in our unique, northern Minnesota area. It is called a yurt, and originated in Mongolia. It has a canvas exterior. To do the cost approach, I had to call Ranier Yurts in Washington to receive information, and based depreciation on their estimate that most yurts last at least 25 years.
Holly A.  Harwig

More great photos from our readers

"The Dirt Road"

I was given a rural assignment with a legal description instead of an address. When I called the lady to get directions, she gave me the names of several Farm to Market roads and how long to traverse them, and then told me to turn on "The Dirt Road" to get to her house. After telling her I'd call if I had any problems, I followed her instructions and to my surprise and enjoyment I did indeed come to "The Dirt Road"! No wonder the lender used the legal; he thought there was a mistake in her home address!
Colleen Nance

The Silo House
The Silo House 2

I work as a residential appraiser in Santa Cruz County, California. There are a lot of "artsie" and "eclectic" style homes, including several dome homes in this area. But the oddest I have ever come across is the one I have attached. It is known in the area as the "Silo House" or "Hops House" and located in the mountains of Santa Cruz on 20 acres.
Laura Bishop

Editor's Note: You can read more about this unusual home and its builder here.

Helpful Cat<p>This cat followed me everywhere on the property and then came in the garage and I couldn't get him out so I called the homeowner to find out what to do. He said.. I don't have a cat - to which I replied, "you do now, because I can't get him out of the garage!!"
Dana R. Thornberry</p>

A window in a second-story chimney.<p>"Every home needs a window in the chimney!! Provides continuity for street observations from within." </p>

Carlton H. Foster

A converted tractor-trailer bed.<p>"Can't beat this one, a trailer bed of a tractor trailer that has had the wheel, etc removed.  They now cover a creek bed beside the trailer.  Any idea of where to find comps?"
Brenda Arnold Paige</p>

Deer perished by getting head stuck in homeowner's fence.<p>"Not funny, but certainly weird.  How I wish the inspection was scheduled for the day before, when something could still be done. Photo was taken at an unoccupied SFR in Deltona, Florida.  The deer was stuck and had died in the front gate.  There was no opening of that gate.  To inspect, I had to jump the fence at another part of the property.
Gary Eilen</p>

Telephone pole in the middle of the driveway.<p>"External obsolesence???  What's that??  They had some real rocket scientists working on this project!"
Jim Weaver</p>

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