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TOTAL 2010:  Great Things Happen When You Listen To Your Customers

Added:  February 24, 2010

We are supremely proud of TOTAL 2010.  Not because it's the result of ace programming.  No, we're proud of it because it's the result of listening to our customers and those who aren't our customers...  yet.  Click to view

20 Ways TOTAL 2010 Differs From Aurora

Added:  February 24, 2010

TOTAL 2010 Standard has debuted as the all new sixth generation of our formfilling products.  When we first posted the free labs release of what we'd "codenamed" Armstrong on a la mode labs, appraisers asked us how TOTAL 2010 was different from WinTOTAL Aurora.  After all, we don't create new versions from scratch for nothing.  Click to view

Armstrong Standard Is Available In The labs, Free

Added:  February 09, 2009

As has been mentioned repeatedly throughout this edition of AppraisalPress, 2009 will bring many changes to the appraisal industry.  One of those changes will be the release of the sixth generation of WinTOTAL, code named Armstrong Standard.  Click to view

How Much Are You Worth? 

Added:  June 13, 2008

Many appraisers are setting their rates by guessing or copying competitors.  Figuring your exact hourly rate is critical to your success.  Click to view

From the labs (April 08)

Added:  April 09, 2008

The latest update from the a la mode labs, the grassroots, collaborative initiative of a la mode developers and practicing appraisers, centered on building cutting edge applications.

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