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Appraiser Spotlight

Added:  February 26, 2010

Now that the XSites Desktop's Energizer plugin is well established as an effective, proven means of creating a website that's more search engine optimized, all I need to do is go down our list of XSites ranked by Energizer score to find some great sites.
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Who’s Seeing You?  How To Read Your XSite’s Traffic Reports

Added:  February 25, 2010

Your Appraiser XSite contains a powerful, easy-to-use statistics package that will tell you everything you need to know about your XSite's performance.  Click to view

Search Engine Love

Added:  February 25, 2010

For years, we've told Appraisers to customize their XSite pages to get better search engine rankings. And for years, this approach has worked for appraisers who do it. Even so, may appraisers don't believe they can effectively customize their content, so they don't try. This spring, we're introducing a solution to that problem.
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Pages That Matter

Added:  February 25, 2010

In the Appraiser XSite Wizard, there are dozens of pre-written pages you can add to your site.  But which ones do your visitors really want to see?  Click to view

Nine “do’s and don’ts” of XSellerate marketing

Added:  May 20, 2009

When using XSellerate to market your business, there are some basic marketing "do's and don'ts" to know about.  In this article we discuss these nine topics as they relate to leaving positive impressions with both existing and potential clients.  Click to view

Ingredients for making a search engine friendly site

Added:  May 14, 2009

Getting your website ranked highly in a search engine is a little like pasta sauce.  There are many ingredients, but no exact quantities or formula for success, and even a less than perfect result will be better than nothing in the short term.  It's not as if the web is going away or that fewer people will be looking for appraisal services online in the future.  So, let...  Click to view


Added:  May 14, 2009

This edition's Appraiser XSite spotlight leads us to Alex Olmo of, a customer making all the right moves when it comes to web marketing and running a business.  Alex's site design is simple and inviting, yet rich in content that attracts search engines.  Click to view

Want To Easily Get 40% More Leads?  Here’s How

Added:  February 10, 2009

We hear it all the time.  XSite owners and appraisers in general are always asking us, "How can I get more leads out of my website?" Lately, my answer has been, "Well, how is your website fishing for leads?  Are you using a single pole with a fishhook, or are you casting a wide net?" Click to view

How to Get What You Really Need Out of Your Website

Added:  February 10, 2009

Sites that had sent out an XSellerate campaign in the past 30 days received 3 times the hits than those that hadn't and received 40% more leads.  Click to view

23 Ways An XSite Will Help You In 2009

Added:  February 10, 2009

Too many appraisers mistake a website as a mere yellow pages ad or online billboard when the reality is a website should also play a key role in how you service your clients and run your business.  Since we're smack dab in the middle of our 23rd successful year in business, let's point out 23 ways an XSite will help you be successful, too.  Click to view

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